Christmas of 2017

I have been away for the longest of time from blogging. You can blame it on my work or on other things but I had nothing substantial to write and post.

During this duration, I am pretty sure that I have lost a lot of readers and people who used to like what I’d post. Anyway, this is my call for them again and let me welcome the first time visitors and readers here as well.

Today is Christmas in India and New Year is around the corner as well. I was at a mall the other evening and took a Cinemagraph of a giant Christmas Tree (find it here).

The year has been good with its ups and downs obviously. In terms of reading, it wasn’t a great one as only 4 or 5 books were read. That’s a drastic drop but J must catch up. How has this year been for you? Anything that you’d like to share?

And have a great Christmas you all 🙂


Lone Man Walking


The weather surprised people in NCR(Delhi) when most of them had given up hope and were expecting the weather to get warm. This photo was taken on 22nd January 2016, and it was a cold morning with fog that settled down after 9:30

About the photograph- I took it because the road ahead looked nice and mysterious and the man walking alone ahead added a poetic touch to it.

Early morning

From one of the photo walks. It was cold that morning,my hands were pretty cold to adjust shutter speed and changing the lens was a risky thing. But you know what, I did it anyway. I clicked around 200 photographs on this one day but only a few of them were good. Digital cameras are amazing.
Shoot and experiment.



Thank You 🙂

The man

There was a man
Standing outside a shop
Under the streetlight
He had a cigarette in his hand
Which he puffed every other second

The smoke mixed well
With the fog
And the cold night
Gave it a more mysterious feeling

He didn’t hurry with his cigarette
It seems he enjoyed it
After a while
The door of the shop opened
A man came out
And called him inside

Everything fell silent
Then two shots were heard
Followed by silence again
The door opened
But no one came out.
– Jafar Rehman

Trees – Photo post.


I personally love this image.Clicked by me on 8th of December 2013.Nainital,India.

Haiku 6

Chilly winter nights
Wind blowing fiercely in every direction
A beggar shivers with cold.

Fb Page 🙂

Autumn has come.

The nights will be long
It will be dark a little soon

The tempretures would drop
People will shiver with cold

The colours would change
So will the hearts

Leaves would drop
Nights would be very dark

Hearts will warm up
People will get close

There would be fires
And cups of hot drinks

Autumn has come
And winter isn’t far behind.

P.S-I am not a good poet,but I try and try.

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