In the past

In those days, I had ample amount of free time. In the evening I would grab my camera and go to the roof and watch clouds, kites and sunset.

I would also take a picture and review it, sometimes with tripod and wanting to experiment with long exposure. I believe this was taken in 2012.


Returning home

What a day to travel in metro. I’ve a book in my hand which I’m trying to read and I’ve got three groups of people around me. One on the left and two on the right and all three groups are talking real loud and occasionally one of the members of each group laughs loudly.  There are other people talking to each other but their voices become inaudible because of other groups.

Reading isn’t really possible right now so I’m writing this. I’ll try and read after posting this. Anyway the weather changed today and this is how it looked a few minutes ago.



I don’t have a poem or short story to offer right now but I do have a photograph to post and I will add it after I am done telling you some random things. A lot of things have been moving differently in my life but I guess after everything I am more clear with my thoughts. I continue to figure out a lot of things.
I have written several lines, short (very short) stories on various diaries and on loose papers and I have a tedious task of putting them in order. Gonna procrastinate right now. 🙂

Okay, here is the photograph. Tell me if you like it and or tell me anyway. About the photograph-
Clicked this in the month of February of 2011. I revisited my old folders and selected a couple of images that I thought I should post.

Hope you people still remember me! Oh you sure do.

The Evening – Photo Post

The Evening
Titled – The Evening

Trees – Photo post.


I personally love this image.Clicked by me on 8th of December 2013.Nainital,India.


I sat there
Alone on the stairs
Staring at the sunset
At the beautiful view
A sight that most didn’t adore
I wonder why?

Descent – Weekly Photography Competition.

Definition as per Google –
 an act of moving downwards, dropping, or falling

And this is my interpretation of descent in photographs for weekly photo challenge.

P1070254 (2)DSC00206


Thank you. 🙂

Jafar Rehman