Still Life – Photo Post

I've always liked photography and have been practicing it since 2007,that year we bought a Panasonic point and shoot camera.It was the first digital camera with a memory card that gave me the freedom of capturing as many photographs as I wanted,and I did exactly that.I clicked everything,went out captured sky,clouds,streets,people,junk. I was clicking photographs… Continue reading Still Life – Photo Post


New year excitement?No not here,it's almost same for me and I don't feel excited.But hey let's set some goals and work hard on them,so yeah I'll do it but have to be realistic.So I'm gonna write a detailed review of my life in 2014 in my diary so I'll be able to compare it when… Continue reading 2015

There is no introduction.

I'd write an introduction but I have no clue what content it would carry.Starting a blog has been on my list for a very long time,but I keep telling myself okay I'll start tomorrow and it has been 4 years(call me lazy or call me clueless).So I just decided to start and let everything fall… Continue reading There is no introduction.