Returning home

What a day to travel in metro. I’ve a book in my hand which I’m trying to read and I’ve got three groups of people around me. One on the left and two on the right and all three groups are talking real loud and occasionally one of the members of each group laughs loudly.  There are other people talking to each other but their voices become inaudible because of other groups.

Reading isn’t really possible right now so I’m writing this. I’ll try and read after posting this. Anyway the weather changed today and this is how it looked a few minutes ago.


In a crisis – Daily Prompt

In a Crisis

Honestly evaluate the way you respond to crisis situations. Are you happy with the way you react?

Well we all know what crisis are and I can say my response to crisis situation is pretty okay,I tend to manage them and keep my cool. But on the other hand I’m not really happy with the way I react,just because I happen to think that it could be better.I could obviously do better and this could be handled in a more improved manner.
Well I’m trying to change that.

This was for daily prompt.I haven’t written for many days because of several reasons.One of them is that I had a tonsillectomy done a few weeks ago and I’ve had a tough time managing the pain that comes along with it.But now it looks like I’m getting back on the track.
I thought about sharing the experience of my surgery with the readers here,if someone’s curious and is probably  having the surgery anytime soon.

P.S – I also had super slow internet here,that’s one reason for posting nothing these days. 😀