Chupke se

Chupke se aati
Hai yeh yaad teri
Bhare dine main
Kahi jheeri se
Aakar sama jaati hai

Chukpe se aati
Hai yeh yaad teri
Mez par baithe
Kaam karte waqt

Chukpe se aati
Hai yeh yaad teri
Khana khate waqt


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The last 50 pages
A hot summer night
And a thought of you.
-Jafar Rehman


P.S. ‘You’ here can be food.

The box

Before he heads to the bed
He pulls out a box
And pops up a pill
And finally sleeps
– Jafar Rehman

The dance

They held hands
And danced together
For a long time
And the moon witnessed it all.


Under the bridge

There she was standing
Alone under the bridge
She was crying maybe
But I wasn’t sure
I wanted to go and
Ask her if she was alright
But I didn’t want to scare her
Because it was a dark night
So I stood there for sometime,
Silently observing her
From a safe distance
She wiped her face with her sleeve
And she started walking towards me
I quickly hid behind the tree
And she passed besides me not knowing I was there
Her scent lingered for a while after she had passed
And I stood there
Maybe for an hour or for the whole night
Wondering what was it that made her cry.


Just when you think
You are having a hard time
Life proves you wrong.
And now it’s a fight.


I stared into 
His empty eyes
They were trying
To say something.

                    – Jafar Rehman


She stared at him
Like she was trying
To say something
But she never spoke a word.
-Jafar Rehman

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He waits for her
Night after night
Hoping she would return
Because home feels strange
When she isn’t there.
                            – Jafar Rehman

I wasn’t posting it but on sharing it with a friend I changed my decision. I was also suggested to title it Oxygen.Hence the title.



When loneliness eats you alive
and you turn to face nobody
and the sad reality
again triumphs
and you try fight it
But you know it well
My friend you’ll only find yourself there
Alone and in need of help.