She was heartbreakingly beautiful. - Jafar Rehman                                                                          

Under the bridge

There she was standing Alone under the bridge She was crying maybe But I wasn't sure I wanted to go and Ask her if she was alright But I didn't want to scare her Because it was a dark night So I stood there for sometime, Silently observing her From a safe distance She wiped… Continue reading Under the bridge


She would sit there Under the moonlight Wondering about everything Nothing would help And then she would See the moon And forget all her worries.                                               -Jafar Rehman. Posted from WordPress for Android


He waits for her Night after night Hoping she would return Because home feels strange When she isn't there.                             - Jafar Rehman I wasn't posting it but on sharing it with a friend I changed my decision. I was also suggested… Continue reading Oxygen

The Window-Poem

She would stay awake And look out of the window She would see the mountains And the trees But confined she was To the insides A prison is what She lived in The window was her escape From the prison But lasted only for a while She kept it a secret For her master If… Continue reading The Window-Poem