Loved by one

They made you believe Believe that Love was everything You needed to survive The love they talked about Was the one Where you were desired Not by all Not by yourself But by just an individual They thought They had it all figured out And you believed them And then you loathed yourself You went… Continue reading Loved by one

Wake up?

For sometime I have only been posting photographs and the last one I posted was on 1st of November.¬† There are reasons for the delays but we are not getting into that right now, pulling¬† your attention on something else- I've been scribbling things on pieces of paper whenever I get inspiration and horror and… Continue reading Wake up?


I do not know who I am I do not know the purpose of my life I am a mystery for myself. While trying to solve it All I manage to do Is get more tangled Into this complex web. I just had this in my mind and thought why not upload it (perks of… Continue reading Mystery

The narrator.

There he prayed For one thing It was a secret Between him and his God I just hope It all comes true For I am both The viewer and the narrator here.