Guzra hua ek din

Main school mai tha us samay, bachpan se hi mujhe din mai kuch waqt akele baithna pasand tha aur aksar dophar mai class ke baad mai akele baitha karta tha.

Hostel ke un dino main, ghar ki kaafi yaad aati thi, jaise dophar ko kabhi sogaya toh ghar ki yaad mai baaki din beet jaya karta tha. Ek class ki khidki se road ki side dikhta tha, us class ko hum Doon class kehte the. Waha aksar kuch bache khelte the, gaadiyan aati thi aur chali jaati. Main bas waha akela khidki ki taraf baith kar dekha karta tha.

Ab woh din chale gaye hai lekin tab lagta tha ki kab niklunga yaha se aur kab jaunga bahar. Pata nahi aaj kyun achanak mujhe woh din yaad aaya aur woh mere akele baith kar sochne ki adat bhi.



His first class.

He was a little scared as he stepped inside the classroom,but he did not cry like some others.He did not know anybody there and had no idea what to do,he just followed the instructions of a lady who everyone called as teacher.He had a bag which was given to him by his mother and she had told him that it had his pencils and books.
He sat there on the bench in the middle of the classroom with two other boys on his each side.The teacher said something and the two boys started getting something out from his bag and he followed and took out his pencil,sharpener,eraser and notebook.Soon the bell rang and the period was over and after some time everyone stood up as the different lady entered the class and he awkwardly followed other boys and girls and also stood up to greet the new lady who was also called a teacher,he just moved his mouth to the rhythm of what others spoke.

Then the bell rang again and it was break time and he had his lunch alone on his desk,he looked around the classroom as he ate with short bites and then finally drank some water from his water bottle.
After so many bells it was finally time to go home,he was happy to go home from this strange place with new people.But soon he missed that strange place which was called class.Little did he know that he had embarked on a wonderful journey where he would explore more and make some wonderful friends and memories that could be cherished for the whole life.
That was his first day in the class.

Had to write something,looked for some inspiration and couldn’t find any so wrote this instead.This is missing some details but I preferred posting it anyway.Thank you for reading. 🙂

No Confusion? D.P

Land of Confusion

Which subject in school did you find impossible to master? Did math give you hives? Did English make you scream? Do tell!


I wasn’t particularly confused about any subject in school. I was just one of those kids who didn’t study, I just studied right before the exams/tests.This was the reason I always got low marks in mathematics, I’d do fine while practising and screw it all up in exam(happened every time). English never made me scream and it was my favourite subjects.School was good but I’ll tell you a secret- Physics did scare the hell out of me.Haha.
School was good though.

Reverse Shot- School Memories.

For Reverse Shot

Through one of my classmate’s perspective-

He is small and scared maybe because he doesn’t know anyone here in our class,he is alone and nobody is talking to him.Teacher asks him his name and this marks/percentage in previous class and he replies in a low voice,teacher likes him that I can tell.This is happening because it’s the start of class 3rd and some students were shuffled in different classes,he was shifted to our class,none of his friend ended with him.
He sits alone till the break and during the break he pulls his tiffin box out and comes towards us,he wants to share and eat together with me and my friends.We aren’t sure what to do at first but we invite him and we talk to each other,he after the break sits with me,he is my friend and this friendship will continue by sitting in the group for several years,sharing lunch,notes and laughters.