I noticed the fluttering pages of the diary on the table. It revealed several pages I had written to you over a certain period of time. I had tried to make sense and put it out there on the papers that were once blank. And then this thought crossed my mind that my letters, notes,… Continue reading Pages

Main (Hindi)

Main woh sab hoonMain kissa hoonMain adhoori kahani hoonMain ek yaad hoonMain ek parchai hoonMain kuch bhi nahi hoon Main woh sab hoonJo ho na saakaMain ek waadaa hoonMain ek baat hoonEk adhoori baat hoon Main ek adha likha panna hoonMain aadhi botal roshnai hoonMain ek yaad hoonEk parchai hoonMain kuch bhi toh nahi hoon… Continue reading Main (Hindi)

Bounce back

There is a pit, a very deep and dark pit. You are falling into it and no one knows what's at the bottom or even if there is a bottom or an end to it. Anyway, let us for now assume there is a bottom. You will now ask me what is it? Is it… Continue reading Bounce back

Quote Day 3

“Ignore those that make you fearful and sad, that degrade you back towards disease and death.”                                                                              … Continue reading Quote Day 3

Let go

I don't want you to go But yet we must say Our goodbyes If we want out lives To pass,I need to let go Just because you don't Want to hold on

Chasing each other

I need her She needs him And he needs someone else That's how sad life is. Coming straight from my diary.

The Nights

The nights That are dark Are also Full of secrets And pain The nights That are silent Have witnessed Cries and tears And pain The nights Aren't as silent As you think They are They are Full of secrets And happiness and pain.

No,not yet

you open your eyes what do you see my friend? some hope or is it the despair again? no,don't lose hope not yet for there is so much waiting for you ahead

The Window-Poem

She would stay awake And look out of the window She would see the mountains And the trees But confined she was To the insides A prison is what She lived in The window was her escape From the prison But lasted only for a while She kept it a secret For her master If… Continue reading The Window-Poem

A bench in the park – 2

Read the first part here to get a better understanding. The bench stays empty There is neither sadness nor a rose There's no one to wait No,not anymore But he did come To the park and Sat on the bench Waited for her Thinking she would come Tired and devoid of hope Away he went… Continue reading A bench in the park – 2