Bounce back

There is a pit, a very deep and dark pit. You are falling into it and no one knows what’s at the bottom or even if there is a bottom or an end to it. Anyway, let us for now assume there is a bottom. You will now ask me what is it? Is it something that’s gonna hold you back or is it bouncy?

What I believe is you decide about the bottom, you decide what’s it made of. Is it something that’s gonna hold you back or is it something that’s gonna bounce you back? Your mindset and beliefs decide the substance of the pit.

A person might see something as a failure and someone else might see the same thing as a challenge or as a lesson or maybe even as a phase. I have been listening to an entrepreneur and he heavily focuses on mindset and then I tried rectifying the things I’ve been doing wrong (a lot of them) and in the end, it all comes to how you perceive things.

And how you percieve things and how you react shapes your life. Also, your background, schooling, friends will play a large role but once you realize you need corrections then things kind of get on the track. I am slowly realizing that I’ve had a wrong lens. I’ve seen life largely through my prior experiences which also lead me to form pre-concieved notions.

Anyway, I am trying to change the mindset. It will take time but I will try and be persistent.


Quote Day 3


“Ignore those that make you fearful and sad, that degrade you back towards disease and death.”
                                                                                                                                                                  ― Rumi

I will follow this one from now on. This was my Day 3 of the quote challenge. If you are reading this and wondering to do this as well, then please make a post and link it in the comments. 🙂
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Let go

I don’t want you to go
But yet we must say
Our goodbyes
If we want out lives
To pass,I need to let go
Just because you don’t
Want to hold on


Chasing each other

I need her
She needs him
And he needs someone else
That’s how sad life is.

Coming straight from my diary.

Thoughts of a Crooked Mind by Jafar Rehman

The Nights

The nights
That are dark
Are also
Full of secrets
And pain

The nights
That are silent
Have witnessed
Cries and tears
And pain

The nights
Aren’t as silent
As you think
They are

They are
Full of secrets
And happiness and pain.

No,not yet

you open your eyes
what do you see
my friend?

some hope
or is it
the despair again?

no,don’t lose hope
not yet
for there is so much
waiting for you ahead

The Window-Poem

She would stay awake
And look out of the window
She would see the mountains
And the trees

But confined she was
To the insides
A prison is what
She lived in

The window was her escape
From the prison
But lasted only for a while

She kept it a secret
For her master
If ever knew
Would take this away too

She would stay awake
And look out of the window
She would see the mountains
And the trees…

– Jafar Rehman

A bench in the park – 2

Read the first part here to get a better understanding.

The bench stays empty
There is neither sadness nor a rose
There’s no one to wait
No,not anymore

But he did come
To the park and
Sat on the bench
Waited for her
Thinking she would come

Tired and devoid of hope
Away he went
Thinking if she ever came
If she ever came

I never planned to write a sequel or part 2 of the little poem but here it is,tell me if you like it.