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The last 50 pages A hot summer night And a thought of you. -Jafar Rehman P.S. 'You' here can be food.

Final Goodbye

The way you walked away Without looking back Without a word And disappeared Around the curve I don't remember For how long I stood there With so many emotions Yet with a blank look On my face I wanted to scream In the dark and silent night Where no one would hear me Yet I… Continue reading Final Goodbye

The dance

They held hands And danced together For a long time And the moon witnessed it all.

Last Memory

I have a faded memory of her.We on the beach,she is walking on the sea shore,waves gently kissing her feet.I can't see her clearly as the sun shines in my eyes but I am happy because she is happy.I have tears in my eyes because this is my only memory of her,it gives me joy… Continue reading Last Memory

World of Two

She was always that weird Changed opinions every day Loved onething and then another. He wasn't angry Or tired But he was stupid Because he loved her For what she really was They married And lived life together Leaving no space for regrets.                        … Continue reading World of Two


She stared at him Like she was trying To say something But she never spoke a word. -Jafar Rehman Posted from WordPress for Android


He waits for her Night after night Hoping she would return Because home feels strange When she isn't there.                             - Jafar Rehman I wasn't posting it but on sharing it with a friend I changed my decision. I was also suggested… Continue reading Oxygen

The Girl

The lights turn on at 3 I see her silhouette In the window She moves around I think she is dancing But there is absolutely no sound I haven't seen her yet But I imagine she must be beautiful In a way I can't prehend I must face her soon But contain my excitement For… Continue reading The Girl

Chasing each other

I need her She needs him And he needs someone else That's how sad life is. Coming straight from my diary.

Come and Go

She comes and goes gracefully I see her often Wondering who is she Who is she really? I want to know What's she like deep inside The real her That's hidden from the world Someday I'll ask her All the questions I have In my mind Someday I'll. Well,you can expect a flood of poetry… Continue reading Come and Go