I made a promise to myself sitting at the edge of this rocky path which led to the ocean and I failed. My life for the past 3 years has been mostly about work. I have dedicated myself to it because it gives me a reason to live, I learn and working makes me feel… Continue reading Promise

Observing someone

There is a guy in his early 20's in the metro, he is reading a book and is engrossed in it. He is thin and wears baggy jeans and a shirt that looks faded. There is a bag on the floor between his legs and he is facing the window but he is not paying… Continue reading Observing someone


StandingĀ on the edge of the lake In the middle of the night With no one around He stares at the road On the other side of the lake The lights on the road are dim The reflection Makes the scene Looks like a painting And he just stares Endlessly,his gaze fixed On the road Waiting… Continue reading Lake