Caught- Photo Post

It's raining posts! Now if you want to see the highest quality of this photograph, then click here.

Diary page and a photograph


I was going to close this tab yet again. This was me staring at the screen yesterday and I had nothing to write or the things were simply too cluttered in my mind, yes I'd prefer going with the latter. Last time I posted was almost a month ago and the post I made wasn't… Continue reading Nope!

From the corner – Photo Post.

"When you don't have words to express what you want to say,upload a picture." Okay nobody said that, I just invented this quote(if you can call it a quote). Or you can laugh out loud. Your call. HD version will be uploaded on 500px.

Comfort,Life and Memories.

So the┬ádaily prompt┬átoday goes like this - Write down the first words that comes to mind when we say . . . . . . home. . . . soil. . . . rain. This is what comes to my mind on reading these words- Home = Comfort Soil = Life Rain = Memories. I… Continue reading Comfort,Life and Memories.

A day in HER life.

Raindrops start to fall from sky She looks up and smiles Choking on her breath She thanks The Almighty For it hides her tears And her ruined face. It is weird how I get nothing for weeks and my mind stays blank and all of a sudden it all comes back like water rushing down… Continue reading A day in HER life.

Haiku 2

Clouds cover the mountains Wind blows,trees sway,a leaf falls Water falls from the sky.