Bhaag Daud (Race)

The doors open and you exit only to find others walking in the same direction. Some are running but most of them are rushing and wading their way through others. Suddenly you see that there is an insane rush on the exit gate and you automatically speed up as if it will have a major… Continue reading Bhaag Daud (Race)


Travel Diary #1

 As he sat there on a random seat of the bus that would take him close to his destination.The bus moved through the traffic at uneven speed with the driver constantly blaring horn to make way. The sun was dull because the clouds covered it and it was to rain soon,as the bus moved he saw through the window he noticed small towns ,colourful,advertising banners everywhere and people were busy doing things,getting in and off the vehicles,someone running to catch a leaving bus and pushing people and skipping puddles on the way so that he makes it,on the other side some ate from the street vendors things like chat,pakoras and fruit chats(fruit salads),dogs circling them so they get to eat whatever they drop.There was rush everywhere and people moved like it was the last day on this earth,last day to earn money and last day to compete. Bus almost came to a stop and people started getting in and off the same bus he was in and he looked at his watch realizing he was running late,he too was in the race.