Issue(s) India face.

I was out walking and I’m passing from a place and on the left just a few steps ahead of me is a big heap of garbage,yes all type of garbage right there on the road.So before I could reach and pass that place,there comes a young boy with school bag on his scooter and… Continue reading Issue(s) India face.

Being nice.

There was a man who was rich and kind,loved everyone and loved by everyone.But he had his past which wasn't so good,he lost his parents at an early age and lived alone,doing odd jobs and earning money and at the same time getting but also neglected by the people,by the world,feeling unwanted and burden on… Continue reading Being nice.

Problem of Rape and some possible solutions.

Let me talk about rape,these are strictly my views.Feel free to share and comment. I was reading today's newspaper and this sure caught my attention(you'll read about rape almost everyday).Headline was "One rape every 30 minutes in India",2.7 Lakh cases reported in 13 years.These stats tell you one thing about humans,that they are beasts. Now,the… Continue reading Problem of Rape and some possible solutions.