Sard raaton mai
Tum syahi ki tarah
Kuch ghul se gaye the

Rang tumhara
Halka toh hua tha
Par woh nasha ab bhi tha
Woh mehek gayi nahi thi

Sard raaton mai
Tum syahi ki tarah
Kuch ghul se gaye the

Maine chaha poochna tum se
Par tum tez chale jaa rahe the
Tumse kadam milana
Mumkin na tha

Sard raaton mai
Tum syahi ki tarah
Kuch ghul se gaye the


kya tum bhi
so gayi ho
jaise yeh raat
sogayi hai

ya fhir tum isi
chand ki tarah
abhi bhi jaagi ho

abhi bhi ho yahi
ya chali
gayi ho kahi

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Loved by one

They made you believe
Believe that
Love was everything
You needed to survive

The love they talked about
Was the one
Where you were desired
Not by all
Not by yourself
But by just an individual

They thought
They had it all figured out
And you believed them
And then you loathed yourself

You went on to the journey
To find that one
But never learned
To love yourself Continue reading


I do not know who I am

I do not know the purpose of my life

I am a mystery for myself.

While trying to solve it

All I manage to do

Is get more tangled

Into this complex web.

I just had this in my mind and thought why not upload it (perks of having a personal random blog). Also I’m scheduling a photo post for tomorrow noon and also working on a story. 🙂
How have you been?


A bird in the cage
Dreamed to fly in the sky
Only saw clouds
And yearned.

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World of Two


She was always that weird
Changed opinions every day
Loved onething and then another.

He wasn’t angry
Or tired
But he was stupid
Because he loved her
For what she really was

They married
And lived life together
Leaving no space for regrets.
                                                        -Jafar Rehman

The Girl


The lights turn on at 3
I see her silhouette
In the window

She moves around
I think she is dancing
But there is absolutely no sound

I haven’t seen her yet
But I imagine she must be beautiful
In a way
I can’t prehend

I must face her soon
But contain my excitement
For she doesn’t know
I have seen her dancing
In the middle of the night

Now the lights in the window
Are no more
And the darkness take over.

– Jafar Rehman

This is fictional and the work of my mind.Well,I’d like some input.Thanks. 😀


When loneliness eats you alive
and you turn to face nobody
and the sad reality
again triumphs
and you try fight it
But you know it well
My friend you’ll only find yourself there
Alone and in need of help.

Left my home.

In the scorching sun
I left my home
Without a destination
Hoping I would
Reach there soon.



This is incomplete. Thought I’d share it like this. Tell me whatever you think of it.


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