In the bazaar

Link to 500px.

Journey – Photo Post

I call this one Journey.

Ice Cream Vendor – Photo Post

This is one of my favorites. View it in HD.

Making a turn – Photo Post

Took this the other night. A car making a turn. Clicking on the photograph will take you to my online portfolio on 500px.

Vintage – Photo Post

I felt sad on seeing this car in this bad condition. Never mind. Taken somewhere from a mobile camera,more photos will appear in a day or two. P.S. There are more murder mysteries/thrillers coming very soon. And this is a scheduled post, hope it gets published at the right time.

From the corner – Photo Post.

"When you don't have words to express what you want to say,upload a picture." Okay nobody said that, I just invented this quote(if you can call it a quote). Or you can laugh out loud. Your call. HD version will be uploaded on 500px.

Street – Photo Post

From a photo walk in Chandni Chowk,Delhi. More photos will come up soon,in the next post I might talk about food and review some kebabs and biryani. 😀

View – Photo Post.

This might be most random post by me but seriously I do not have anything that I would wanna post here right now but I want to make a post.So here you are seeing this photo of a car's side mirror.Clicked this on Eid that was on 18th July 2015.I forgot to take my camera… Continue reading View – Photo Post.

My desk – Photo Post.

Photo I clicked a few weeks ago.