Snack time


This photo was taken in New Delhi. Groups of families live under the flyovers and mothers would tend their children there, while others play and some beg when the light turns red and cars stop waiting for the light to turn green again.
In the photograph a man is seen giving samosa (snack)  to one of the boy who lives there. People would occasionally come and distribute food to these people. Life does gets real harsh when winters arrive but then a new day starts and everything happens the same way once again.
I was the witness to this scene and saw this man park his scooter and then distribute snacks while a group of children gathered around him demanding their share.

The Joy of Being Photographed

Being photographed isn’t much of a deal these days.But for those who haven’t been photographed,it’s a pure joy and happiness.I happen to meet two young boys and was lucky enough to make them happy for a day or two by simply photographing them.
I wanted to go out and photograph some landscape,so I called my friend and we were out,and let me point out that photography at that time was my new hobby and I was pretty excited to capture anything and everything I could.I ended up near a small river and started clicking photographs when two boys around 11 or 12 in age came to me with confused looks.
They were intrigued by the camera in my hand,they had never seen one before in their life.I asked them several questions and it turns out they were the in-charge of taking their buffaloes to the river,I asked them their name and continued to walk with them and with their buffaloes to the lake.A kind of an experience one normally doesn’t get(it was good).
I slowly and in simple terms explained them what a camera is and why I am clicking photographs,and they immediately wanted their photographs to be clicked.They had never been photographed,so you can imagine the excitement of being photographed for the first time,so yes I clicked their photograph and showed them and they were glad and jumping with joy,maybe they will go to their friends and tell them their discovery and be proud of it.

The boys posing for the camera with their buffaloes.
The boys posing for the camera with their buffaloes.

For them the joy was being photographed,a new experience,they asked me to come back again and maybe take some more photographs.I went there a couple of times but never met them again.

And here are two other kids I photographed on the same day.

Two young gentlemen I photographed while I took a walk with buffaloes.
Two young gentlemen I photographed while I took a walk with buffaloes.