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Explanation in English is below

Ek din? Do din? Chaar din?
Phir kya hai bhool jaana hai.

Hamari Ammi ek kahawat aksar kaha karti hai:
Aaj maro kal doosra din

Yeh sunne ko jab milta jab kisi ka inteqaal hojata. Log janaze main aate, murde ko dafan karte, khana khate aur chale jaate. Agla din thoda dheeme chalta par teesre din tak sab apne apne raaste.


If I were to sum things up that I’ve written above then it would be:

You will be forgotten, sooner than you think.

Now, I know that won’t be the case with everyone but then again this would be the case with most of us.



Metro Ride #521

I got into the metro and the guy ahead of me looks at his reflection and dances. Maybe that’s what late nights do to you, they allow you to be more expressive. Anyway, I get myself a seat and the gate of the metro stays open so that more people can board it, it reminds of those even-odd days in Delhi when bus number 507 that I usually took would stop until they got a good number of passengers on board.

I sit on the seat with an empty mind and stare at my phone. After a few stations, a gentleman comes and sits on the empty seat on my right. He has his headphones on and is listening to Ae Kaash Ke Hum. I used to love that song once but then I listened to it so much that I started disliking it, does it ever happen to you?

So, the metro continues to find its way on those zig-zag tracks until it enters the dark underground tunnel only to move like a snake through its burrow. After two stations, I’ll have to get down and find my way home.

Doors will open, people will board and deboard the metro until this moving box gets to its destination.

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Two People

Tell me
What happens
When the sun goes down
And moon shines
Bright in the sky
And a wolf howls
In the distance somewhere
And a gust of wind
Plays with your hair
And you feel a shiver

And you hear someone talking
In the distance
Could it be him?
Finally returning
After gathering some wood
So that you can fight this cold
And spend the night
Under the stars
And open the map
And plan for the next day
For a new adventure?

Inside the lane


“Inside the lane” as I like to call this photograph. I wanted to go to a shop and one of the Dates(khujoor) vendor told me there is a shortcut from one side. I took the way and entered here, the lane that took me to a bazaar that was so crowded that you’d have to struggle to move from one shop to another.  The amazing thing here is that when you look at this photograph you see silence, peace and stillness while there is a crowd moving about just outside this gate.

Page from the diary


Snack time


This photo was taken in New Delhi. Groups of families live under the flyovers and mothers would tend their children there, while others play and some beg when the light turns red and cars stop waiting for the light to turn green again.
In the photograph a man is seen giving samosa (snack)  to one of the boy who lives there. People would occasionally come and distribute food to these people. Life does gets real harsh when winters arrive but then a new day starts and everything happens the same way once again.
I was the witness to this scene and saw this man park his scooter and then distribute snacks while a group of children gathered around him demanding their share.

From the diary #1

This photograph is from my diary. I wrote this last year but never shared it. Now glancing through my diary made me want to ummm yeah share it.It might make sense or it may not.It asks you several questions and if you have answers to any or all of them then please contribute and help solve the mystery.Or at least enjoy the post and terrible handwriting.
I had written more as you might have figured out but I’m not sharing that part because it was weird,it asked and questioned things,weird things. 😉

From the Diary.

It Goes On and On

People changed
Like weather does
You stood there
Wondering that’s something
That just happens

They all came
And they all went away
Like migrating birds
Leaving you
On the way
You thought
This is something
That just happens

You stand there
Wondering while
Life moves on
It continues
Leaving you behind

Nothing stops
Neither time
Nor people
It’s just you
Trying to slow down
The time.



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Issue(s) India face.

I was out walking and I’m passing from a place and on the left just a few steps ahead of me is a big heap of garbage,yes all type of garbage right there on the road.So before I could reach and pass that place,there comes a young boy with school bag on his scooter and throws a plastic bag(most probably waste) onto that heap of garbage and starts his scooter and is soon out of the sight.
Why did he throw his garbage on the road?Maybe because there was already so much garbage on the road that he thought his contribution won’t really make any difference.But it does makes difference.He surely looked like a boy who goes to school,and yet he does what shouldn’t be done.Are the schools even telling them not to do so?That it’s not alright to litter and make your city dirty,it’s not okay to throw your garbage out on the road in the open?Or are the parents at fault?Well,this blame game is not what I’m really aiming at in this post.How can we ever dream of a cleaner India even if the young and school going population is going act like the most illiterate one,or is education is all about marks?The reality is that the dogs will later go through all that garbage and pull it open and make the whole street even dirtier and then we would complain about how dirty and unclean our city is,maybe government should do something.
Yes,government should do something but we also need to do something on our own,and I must tell you it’s simple.Do not throw garbage out in the open,now how hard could it really be?You are out and eating chips that come in plastic bag,you have a bottle of cold drink and it just got empty and normally one would simply throw it away,instead you could fold the chips wrapper and stuff it inside your pocket and hold that empty bottle until you find a dustbin or get home.And honestly who doesn’t like clean streets and clean cities?This problems needs some serious attention from each one of us or else clean India is only a mirage.
You might think how much difference you are making,probably no difference at all.The truth is you are making a difference greater than you can realize,you are making your surroundings,you are making your city and ultimately your country clean,you are contributing and you should be proud about it.Education is not just about having a degree and a job,or it’s not only about marks.Education is about being a better human being,it’s about being civilized and using it for good cause,else we just wasted our time in schools.

Also,Swachh Bharat Abhiyan,a national level campaign is run by Government Of India which is all about cleanliness you can check more about it here.

Problem of Rape and some possible solutions.

Let me talk about rape,these are strictly my views.Feel free to share and comment.

I was reading today’s newspaper and this sure caught my attention(you’ll read about rape almost everyday).Headline was “One rape every 30 minutes in India”,2.7 Lakh cases reported in 13 years.These stats tell you one thing about humans,that they are beasts.

This is from 29th July,2014 [Times Of India]. This was taken with a mobile camera,sorry for the bad photo quality.
Now,the question is how do we deal and solve this problem.Okay the government already has some laws,strict laws that deal with the rapist but they are quite ineffective.The reason could be that people think they have power to commit the crime and get away with it,they will not get caught and they often escape.They threaten the victim and get away and thus the cases aren’t reported,sometimes never at all.

Now we see the capital of India saw the highest rise at 329%,that’s staggering high(according to study shown in Times Of India,29 July 2014 India).And a rape in every 30 minutes across India.This might be a bit shocking to some people reading this but people belonging to high and respectable profession such as teachers and doctors have been booked for raping their students and patients respectively.I am not blaming the profession but the specific people.Relatives,teachers,fathers,strangers,doctors have been in the news for rape.
I am not pointing out teacher or a doctor or anyone in particular,the point of including them here is to make people realize that even the educated people do it,yes the education didn’t really help here,did it?(but it does play an important role in preventing it).It’s the insanity at work.

The solution according to me isn’t just education alone,it’s how people are raised,what values they are taught,how they think.
Education helps in raising the standard of people but the society we live in,friends we have,people we interact with have a major role to play,they shape us,they together make our thoughts and when someone who is raised with great values,respects not just the other gender but the whole surroundings around him.That is when according to me the chances of rape incidents in the country will be low.Alongside more strict laws are necessary as well.

But then again these are my views,what are yours?Correct me if I went wrong somewhere.

Change starts from me,
Change starts from you,
Change starts from us.