The jump


A duck jumps into the Naini Lake, Nainital


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I was at a red light and took a series of images, later while working on them on computer, I found out that I had managed to capture a series. Stitched them together to create a collage kind of thing.

imageimage (1)


Camera- Nikon D3200
Lens- Tamron 70-300mm f/4.0-5.6



Clicked this on 21 June, 2011. The goats are like-
“What are you doing Hooman?”



Haiku #12

I woke up early
Heard birds chirping
How beautiful nature is

HDR -Photo Post


Posted this on instgram ,had good response so sharing with you all as well.
Isn’t nature beautiful?


I sat there
Alone on the stairs
Staring at the sunset
At the beautiful view
A sight that most didn’t adore
I wonder why?

Haiku 2

Clouds cover the mountains
Wind blows,trees sway,a leaf falls
Water falls from the sky.

Photography 101 ( Natural World )

Clouds and mountains(basically nature) fascinates me.I can simply lay down on my back and watch the clouds pass away for a pretty long time,I love mountains for the same reason.This is for Photography 101 : The Natural World.I’m not sure if I am eligible to participate in it,but I still uploaded a few images.

The photographs uploaded here aren’t in high quality(I don’t have my backup at hand),if you wish to see the better quality,then click on the photo and it will take you to a website that’ll have better quality photographs.Sorry for all the troubles.

41 32

J Photography

This website is on of the earliest ones which I used to showcase my photography work since 2007(7 years ago).I moved and started using much newer websites but worked on this one today and uploaded new photographs,changed themes and gave it a makeover.

Follow the link and see my work there.I am adding some photographs here as well.My main topics are Nature and Landscapes.You can comment,critique my work and even praise it if you think it’s good.

Online Portfoli-

Enjoy these 3 photographs



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