Neverending metro ride

The constantly moving pixelated text bothered me more than ever. The train kept passing stations, wheels rolling on the familiar tracks.
There were all sorts of warnings and instructions on the screen telling you to not carry your bag on the back to not crossing the yellow line. The text would keep flowing from right to left with very few paying attention to it. A pair of girls sat on the For Ladies Only busy with their phones, one scrolling and switching between various music apps. No wonder we have so many choices today. The other one would look over and see if she has arrived at the station she would want to get down at.

The door opens and a guy walks in and with him comes this cigarette smell. He has smoked recently and the smell of cigarette is all over his clothes. The stench bothered me a bit because it makes me sneeze. Coming back to my topic, a lot of us are rushing to work and in these short moments we are trying to catch and live life. A few songs, an episode, and even a book at times. This puts me in a different mood and I wish that the metro ride continues and it mostly does in a way.  Doesn’t it?

Song #1 – Playlist

Lips Of An Angel by Hinder is one of my favorite songs.I used to listen to it on repeat mode when I was in school.I used to dim the lightning in my room and lie down on the bed and just stare endlessly.This song brings back memories.
This song brings back the time when I used to stay up all night and scribble in my diary,I’d write poetry and draw sketches,it was the time when I had absolutely no worries and I actually lived.This song had so many meanings for me.This is one of the songs that I can never get bored of.
Tell me if you like this song as well?
Other song is “No Promises” by Shane Ward.Oh it brings so many sweet memories,listened to this song when I started writing poetry.Share your songs with me.I can always my playlist with new and amazing songs. 🙂

This post is also an entry for Daily Prompt.