Incidences in Fahistan

This dates back to 27th of February 1952 and it happened to be a leap year when Mrs. Singh gave birth to a baby boy who’d grow up to be the protagonist of this story.

The boy was named Rajendra Singh and had a pleasant childhood despite the fact that he was a thin boy who always looked 3-4 years younger than he was. An average student in school who was later pushed by his parents to study in one of the prestigious university of the country and that is when he left his home for the city called Fahistan.

This city of Fahistan was far more developed than any other in the whole country. There were better horse carts in the city and paved roads for them to go around smartly, even the houses were made of bricks and cement. The university attracted brilliant minds from all the places and Rajendra was lucky to get admission there. It was a little difficult for him to adapt to this new style of life where people spoke differently and also ate different kinds of meals but 4 years of his life passed easily.

Now it was time to return home and see what he would do next. From many options he could join his father’s shop and expand the business or he could go and work for someone else and possibly earn more. Little did he know that luck had something else in store for him and that is precisely when the trouble struck and due to a series of events he couldn’t go to his hometown.

One of his acquaintance had called him for an important matter during the last days and on arriving he realized that it would take him months to solve the problem his acquaintance had ventured into. He could have said no and turned his head but that’s not how he was raised. He sent a telegram to his parents in the village and told them that some important matter had come up due to which he won’t be able to come home early and he let them know that he was safe and sound which wasn’t completely true.

Two months had passed but the rounds to the police station and court didn’t decrease, they even contacted some influential people in the city of Fahistan but no one helped. Left to their own, Rajendra and Shamshad fought for themselves or say Rajendra and Shamshad fought for Shamshad.

After 4 months, it looked like they might win the case and go their ways happily but something had to happen again. One night both of them were returning from the small hotel, two men on motorcycle came to them asking for an address when the pillion rider took out a gun and shot Shamshad in the chest. They sped away while Rajendra stood there too shocked to react and when he looked down he realized that Shamshad had died and was in the pool of blood. As he leaned in to shake Shamshad, he saw his reflection in his eyes which still held some life.

Rajendra couldn’t stay in the city of Fahistan any longer and soon returned to his hometown. He joined his father’s business and tried hard to forget what happened to Shamshad. But he never could.



As the smoke rose up

I think I could have done a better job if I had my camera with me but anyway I like this photograph I took. Looks like a scene from some movie, where a bad guy is standing at a train signal and waits for the train to pass. As he waits, he is smoking a cigarette or a cigar as I like to imagine. Tell me if this photograph triggers a story in your head as well. Now I could write a story on it and it would go like this-

He had committed a heinous crime and after that he rose up from the ground and kicked the body and grabbed the curtain to clean his hand. After cleaning his hands and removing the blood, he took his phone out and called someone and said, “I am coming out.”

He came out and found his friend waiting with a motorbike and they both nodded their head. He then took the motorbike from his partner and drove it away from the town and arrived at a railway crossing. As he waited for the train to pass, he took out a cigarette and lit it, hoping that it would take some of his headache away.


I hope you liked what I wrote. It would be great if you could avoid looking at the mistakes if I made some. Let me know your views. ­čÖé

The man

There was a man
Standing outside a shop
Under the streetlight
He had a cigarette in his hand
Which he puffed every other second

The smoke mixed well
With the fog
And the cold night
Gave it a more mysterious feeling

He didn’t hurry with his cigarette
It seems he enjoyed it
After a while
The door of the shop opened
A man came out
And called him inside

Everything fell silent
Then two shots were heard
Followed by silence again
The door opened
But no one came out.
– Jafar Rehman

The Pyramid

Mr. Mankell died of cancer some weeks ago. He is one of my favourite writers, having read several of his Kurt Wallander series I decided to pick this one up. This is where you get to read about how Kurt became a detective, read till page 70 and so far it is good.
Lastly, he was and is an inspiration to me.

His Guilt – Short Story

He sat near his window staring into the dark night and thought about what he had done. Something had gotten into him and it all happened very fast. Now the night and the darkness did not scare him like they used to, the monsters that chased him weren’t there anymore but he was afraid, he was still afraid. He felt like running and something invisible thing chased him, his guilt chased him.

He lifted his hand up and saw that the blood was now drying and it was much darker in colour. He had done it and there was no going back, he looked at the dead face and it’s eyes were still open,dead yet shining. He looked into them, there was something deep about them, it held him like they were trying to say something. He turned his face towards the window and stared back into the darkness and thought about what he had done.

Camping Misadventure – Short Story

Dear diary.I know that it was a foolish idea,going on trekking all alone.I shouldn’t have done it,at least not this time.

I packed my bag with all the necessary stuff for trekking,I also put some food that would last for 3 days and I’d return home just in time.But little did I know that future had something different planned for me.
I started early in the morning and went into the forest that was typically used by many other people for trekking,it was a great day,temperature was 11 and I hoped meeting someone from the start but I was alone.
It was afternoon and I had walked nearly 10 kilometers and I decided to take a rest and lie down for a little while and eat something,I picked a spot and ate a protein bar and some snacks since I didn’t wanted to build fire and cook something.I woke up at sunset,realized I had slept for almost 3-4 hours and realized how stupid I was to sleep right in the start,I’d never be able to┬ácomplete trekking in three days.
I set off again and decided I won’t rest until I get really tired.After walking for almost 3 hours I heard some voices in the trees,it was very dark so I couldn’t see anything but something was glowing,it was fire and there were people around it.I reached the campfire and asked them if I could join them,they said yeah.There were 4 people and one of them was a woman named Irene,she was trekking for the first time along with her friend Michael.The other two were named John and George and they were alone too but they had trekked before.
“So what’s your name?” asked John
I’m David
“Trekking for the first time?Are you?” said Michael
No,no I’ve trekked but yeah I’m doing this one after a long break.
Later we cooked and shared our food and headed off to our tents,Irene wasn’t able to make hers nicely so George helped her.I lay down in my tent thinking of the mistake of sleeping earlier in the day but I was happy because that way I got to meet these people or else I’d have to eat and sleep alone.I don’t know how much time had passed but I was about to sleep and I heard loud scream┬áof a woman and somewhere in my mind I was sure it was of Irene,she was the only woman in here.
I grabbed my torch and came out of tent and saw Michael come out of Irene’s tent and he was numb.
“Irene isn’t here”,said Michael .I heard her shout and came to see her.
I heard her too and came out to see if everything was okay.Does she sleepwalk,I asked.
“No,I don’t know.” replied Micheal.We don’t know each other that long.
I think we should wake John and George and then go see where Irene went off.I went to their tent and woke them up.They were sleeping and hadn’t heard any scream,so I told them what I and Micheal had heard and that we should go and look for Irene.A strange scary feeling passed through me and I was sure the other three were experiencing the same.
“Yes,we should split and go in four directions”,said George.
“No,we must stay together”,shouted Michael.I am not risking losing any other person here.
In the end it was decided that two people would go together in one direction and other two would go in other direction and on finding Irene they would flash their torches and head back to the camp.To be honest I was scared and feared whatever waited for us in the dark.
I and John went into the trees looking for Irene and George along with Micheal into the other side.It had been a while and we heard a second scream.It was a scream of a man who was in extreme pain and we looked at each other scared more than ever.
“I think it was George”,said John
Maybe but it was either George or Micheal,I replied with a shaking voice.
“We should return to the camp”,said John.He started walking towards the camp.
I simply followed him and we came to the camp and there stood Michael his shirt completely red and his hands in blood.
“What did you?What happened?”shouted John
“I didn’t do anything,I swear”,said Micheal crying.He then kneeled on the ground and started sobbing.We got separated in the woods and I heard George screaming and I went looking for him and when I found him he was stabbed,then I heard some footsteps and I ran here.
“Where is Irene?Who stabbed George?”,asked John terrified.
I stood there shocked and benumbed without uttering a single word and staring at Micheal.Suddenly Micheal got up and started saying that it was all his fault he should have been close with George,he started walking towards us while blaming himself.I couldn’t find Irene,there is someone else here besides us he said in a slow voice so that only we heard it.
He suddenly took out a knife from his pocket and stabbed John in the stomach.His cries turned into devilish laughter.
“I killed Irene and I stabbed George” shouted Micheal.
I stood there seeing it all without doing anything,it all happened so fast,I couldn’t react.Before he could push that knife in me,I ran.I ran into the wood into the night.I had never been faster,I ran for my life.I could hear him running behind me,shouting I’ll kill you,I’ll kill you too.I never saw back,I just ran until it was morning and I was out in the open.
I had escaped death and I don’t know what made me run for almost half the night and from where I got the energy but I escaped it.
I know that it was a foolish idea,going on trekking all alone.I shouldn’t have done it,at least not this time.Not ever.

The End.
Jafar Rehman
This was written by me a few minutes ago,I didn’t read it again not even once so it will have mistakes,too many mistakes.Pardon me for those,I just wrote it here and shared it right away.Tell me if you like it,comment.

Combine three of the elements with one of the other short story ideas on this page.-A campfire, a scream, and a small lie that gets bigger and bigger.

Dark Lane

It was dark
The footsteps were heard
He looked squinting
Expecting someone
To emerge from the lane

The footsteps vanished
But nobody came out
A loud gunshot
Was all he heard

He gathered some courage
Moved towards the dark lane
There a man lay dead

A gun still clutched in his hand
Somebody in the shadows moved
And he drew a long breath…..

I just made this all up,my imagination runs wild sometimes.I may or may not complete it.Tell me your views about this anyway.And yes Good Night!