Bounce back

There is a pit, a very deep and dark pit. You are falling into it and no one knows what’s at the bottom or even if there is a bottom or an end to it. Anyway, let us for now assume there is a bottom. You will now ask me what is it? Is it something that’s gonna hold you back or is it bouncy?

What I believe is you decide about the bottom, you decide what’s it made of. Is it something that’s gonna hold you back or is it something that’s gonna bounce you back? Your mindset and beliefs decide the substance of the pit.

A person might see something as a failure and someone else might see the same thing as a challenge or as a lesson or maybe even as a phase. I have been listening to an entrepreneur and he heavily focuses on mindset and then I tried rectifying the things I’ve been doing wrong (a lot of them) and in the end, it all comes to how you perceive things.

And how you percieve things and how you react shapes your life. Also, your background, schooling, friends will play a large role but once you realize you need corrections then things kind of get on the track. I am slowly realizing that I’ve had a wrong lens. I’ve seen life largely through my prior experiences which also lead me to form pre-concieved notions.

Anyway, I am trying to change the mindset. It will take time but I will try and be persistent.


Horoscope for Lions and Eagles(literally!)

In Retrospect

Rather say this is continuation of this post.

Yes dear reader your horoscope now have lions and eagles in it and it’s official.This is your horoscope for the month of October.

1.Do not wait for opportunities,just go and grab them for your own sake.

2.Some good will happen to you and some bad will happen to you,because this is how life is.Focus on good things and be positive and constructive about life.

3.Why are you even reading this?When you should actually be working on yourself.You can do it and this is all you want to know.

4.You’re pretty awesome and you should know that.If you doubt that then work on it,work on your weaknesses.

Thank you reader.