She would sit there Under the moonlight Wondering about everything Nothing would help And then she would See the moon And forget all her worries.                                               -Jafar Rehman. Posted from WordPress for Android


Just when you think You are having a hard time Life proves you wrong. And now it's a fight.

Tell me.

So tell me How does it feel To stab the one Who loved you?                         - Jafar Rehman. Posted from WordPress for Android


I stared into  His empty eyes They were trying To say something.                     - Jafar Rehman

World of Two

She was always that weird Changed opinions every day Loved onething and then another. He wasn't angry Or tired But he was stupid Because he loved her For what she really was They married And lived life together Leaving no space for regrets.                        … Continue reading World of Two


She would be dolled up In all her photos Flashing a lovely smile And she would put Amazing intellectual captions But too bad She was the opposite in real.

A day in HER life.

Raindrops start to fall from sky She looks up and smiles Choking on her breath She thanks The Almighty For it hides her tears And her ruined face. It is weird how I get nothing for weeks and my mind stays blank and all of a sudden it all comes back like water rushing down… Continue reading A day in HER life.

Haiku 13

  Taking long breaths He stopped near the building And a friend leapt from behind Wrote this 11 months ago, back in December 2014 and posting it now. Did not made sense back then and still doesn't but anyway.