At night

at timesat nightI lie awakelooking at the ceiling carefully listeningto the sounds of thepassing cars on some nightsI’d find youlurking in to my lifeand all the effortsI made to forget go to waste-Efforts In my handwriting

Last pages

The last 50 pages A hot summer night And a thought of you. -Jafar Rehman P.S. 'You' here can be food.

The box

Before he heads to the bed He pulls out a box And pops up a pill And finally sleeps - Jafar Rehman

The dance

They held hands And danced together For a long time And the moon witnessed it all.


He was drowning in the sea of grief. While she fished in those waters. Does this even make sense? I like it though. Very random post before I sleep. Night! 🙂


She was heartbreakingly beautiful. - Jafar Rehman                                                                          


I do not know who I am I do not know the purpose of my life I am a mystery for myself. While trying to solve it All I manage to do Is get more tangled Into this complex web. I just had this in my mind and thought why not upload it (perks of… Continue reading Mystery

The bridge

So there I was Standing under the bridge And a million cars passed by Hello Everyone, how are you? I have received an award and I am soon gonna make a post. 🙂 Due to some reasons I have also been unable to read posts by other bloggers.

The wind.

She was the wind Moved at her own will.


A bird in the cage Dreamed to fly in the sky Only saw clouds And yearned. Posted from WordPress for Android