Loved by one

They made you believe Believe that Love was everything You needed to survive The love they talked about Was the one Where you were desired Not by all Not by yourself But by just an individual They thought They had it all figured out And you believed them And then you loathed yourself You went… Continue reading Loved by one

The sound

I listen to the sound of your voice To the sound Of your laughter It is beautiful I would tell you Only if you were here But it is fading away Slowly fading away.... Believe me I was inĀ utter confusion,should I press Publish button or not.Well it looks like I did.

A day in HER life.

Raindrops start to fall from sky She looks up and smiles Choking on her breath She thanks The Almighty For it hides her tears And her ruined face. It is weird how I get nothing for weeks and my mind stays blank and all of a sudden it all comes back like water rushing down… Continue reading A day in HER life.