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The last 50 pages A hot summer night And a thought of you. -Jafar Rehman P.S. 'You' here can be food.

The coffee shop

When I first saw her, she was standing all alone Besides that coffee shop Had a notebook in her hand I could see Something she had written and drawn I wished she wasn't waiting for anyone If she was I wished it would be me She turned around and Started walking away from the coffee… Continue reading The coffee shop

The wind.

She was the wind Moved at her own will.

Last Memory

I have a faded memory of her.We on the beach,she is walking on the sea shore,waves gently kissing her feet.I can't see her clearly as the sun shines in my eyes but I am happy because she is happy.I have tears in my eyes because this is my only memory of her,it gives me joy… Continue reading Last Memory


She would sit there Under the moonlight Wondering about everything Nothing would help And then she would See the moon And forget all her worries.                                               -Jafar Rehman. Posted from WordPress for Android


He waits for her Night after night Hoping she would return Because home feels strange When she isn't there.                             - Jafar Rehman I wasn't posting it but on sharing it with a friend I changed my decision. I was also suggested… Continue reading Oxygen