The incident

Yesterday I boarded the metro and there wasn't much rush which means that IĀ get space to read. I took my book out from the bag and started reading it, now what happens when I read a book is that my destination arrives faster and it seems that I have skipped many stations, but that is… Continue reading The incident

Sliced Apples

Warning: This is not a fiction.  I was standing and reading my book in the metro while a fellow traveler who happened to have a seat was eating his apples. Now the apples were sliced and were  nicely placed in the little round container. He was munching on them and occasionally offered them to his… Continue reading Sliced Apples


Weird people always have to offer something different,something new and even out of the world sometimes,they have weird but interesting theories that if given thought makes sense. I don't mean to include people who are creepy,creepily weird because they tend to scare the hell out of some people(read:most of the people). I don't know what… Continue reading Weird.