A visit to Jaipur

There are two terms - 1. Tourist 2. Traveller I like to think of myself as a traveller and not a tourist but there is nothing right and nothing wrong, it is just that I happen to relate to it more. Let me tell you about my recent travel to Jaipur from the capital of… Continue reading A visit to Jaipur

His first class.

He was a little scared as he stepped inside the classroom,but he did not cry like some others.He did not know anybody there and had no idea what to do,he just followed the instructions of a lady who everyone called as teacher.He had a bag which was given to him by his mother and she had told… Continue reading His first class.

Life and

I walk on crowded streets Contemplating about life Reviewing my connections And friendship.

Haiku 13

  Taking long breaths He stopped near the building And a friend leapt from behind Wrote this 11 months ago, back in December 2014 and posting it now. Did not made sense back then and still doesn't but anyway.