Discarded flowers

What happens to the discarded flowers? They will never go into that bouquet that the bride receives or to that patient who is going to get discharged soon from the hospital. I saw a bunch of them lying on the ground behind the counter. Some of them were crumpled and some were broken. That made me want to compare it to humans but I just didn’t wanna do it. Because it serves no purpose and nothing ever changes.

Some are broken, some are thrown away while some get to be where they want to be. Then again they were flowers but we aren’t. We aren’t fragile as them but maybe a little sensitive and I guess that’s it.

Still Life – Photo Post


I’ve always liked photography and have been practicing it since 2007,that year we bought a Panasonic point and shoot camera.It was the first digital camera with a memory card that gave me the freedom of capturing as many photographs as I wanted,and I did exactly that.I clicked everything,went out captured sky,clouds,streets,people,junk.

I was clicking photographs because I loved doing it,I clicked everything equally and had no special focus on a particular subject,but it all changed eventually and I started putting my focus on landscape and nature and then in 2011 I started using my own home-made lights and setup and I started using lights to control and enhance my photographs and then a year later I was introduced to a new camera with shutter control and then I got into still life photography,tried a lot of times and failed a lot of times.This however is one of my favorite genres in photography.I try to do my best despite the limitations of my camera.I am not a master but yes I’ll be one day.

What do you like,what’s your favorite genre?One more photograph,plus link to one of my earliest still life attempts.

Link 1 Still Life

Link 2 Still Life

Link 3 Still Life

Here’s a story I wrote several days ago,it would be great if you read and tell me about it.Link to the short story

Thank you very much for reading this long post,which doesn’t really have much to offer,but I thought it would be great to include some text along with photographs.

No,not yet

you open your eyes
what do you see
my friend?

some hope
or is it
the despair again?

no,don’t lose hope
not yet
for there is so much
waiting for you ahead

Flower Girl

This is from last year(2013) and I happen to be in Delhi for work and leisure.I was with my cousin and we decided to go and visit the nearby mall,the type of thing I really don’t like to do but as they say something is better than nothing.
So we go there and as usual there are lots of cars passing by and horns blaring around,people talking,couples having ice creams just the usual stuff you’ll see in and around the mall.So we go there and do the usual thing,we roam around and have snacks and we decide to leave the mall.As we are coming out I see a little girl around 8 or 9 in age with a bunch of red flowers roaming around and it took me a few moments to realize that she is selling them to people.Good thing she isn’t begging the first thought I had(see in India you can see children begging at lot of places),but it’s still sad to see her selling flowers.
I decide to sit near the area and observe her,she looks at people with hope that they will buy flowers from her but they hardly do,then she looks at other privileged children who are being treated with ice creams,cotton candy by their parents and she by her eyes I can tell needs all those delicacies too but she isn’t sad,yes she isn’t sad.She then starts playing her own game,starts skipping stones and jumps on patterns on the floor and is playing and is in her own world where she dreams of good things,that she will be better and will have a normal life.Or maybe I am completely wrong,she is sad very sad and she accepted her fate and is dealing with it in her own strange way,maybe she is dreaming,maybe she isn’t.

I decided to take her photograph while she played but she ran away after some people around the corner again with the hope that they’ll buy flowers from her.
1,000 of people must have seen her and some of them may have noticed her and for others she simply wasn’t there.

This made me realize how much we have been provided with and how truly ungrateful we are.