You are weird.

I said to her,“You’re weird” and she replied Thank you. And then there was a long silence between us for a while. After a while she suddenly said,“But why do you think so?” I had no answer really,it was just something I just said without thinking maybe because I liked her because she was different… Continue reading You are weird.

Journey – Daily Prompt.

Tell us about a journey — whether a physical trip you took, or an emotional one. Journey,it has to be one of my favourite words. I've always been a fan of this word,it holds lots of meanings for me and I think one can't really get enough of it(okay,I made it a little confusing). I… Continue reading Journey – Daily Prompt.

Haiku 4

The sight of you Dancing in all your glory Takes my breath away


Ready set done This is a race much like life and I've decided to run in it yes I will write whatever I can for excatly ten minutes and last time I remember I enrolled myself in the race I ended up talking about technology and it's negative effects.Today is not that day when we talk about… Continue reading Ready,Set,Done.