For everyone

Explanation in English is below Ek din? Do din? Chaar din? Phir kya hai bhool jaana hai. Hamari Ammi ek kahawat aksar kaha karti hai: Aaj maro kal doosra din Yeh sunne ko jab milta jab kisi ka inteqaal hojata. Log janaze main aate, murde ko dafan karte, khana khate aur chale jaate. Agla din… Continue reading For everyone

Life? Railway tracks?

Well, today I want to pick out the finest threads from this thing called life and arrange them in a manner that would make sense for me. You see how they arrange the railway tracks? Always proper and at calculated distances, because if they failed to do so then you know it would wreck havoc.… Continue reading Life? Railway tracks?

Tell me

Tell me What happens when You stick a knife Into a man's stomach And he spurts blood From his mouth And then as life leaves him He grabs your collar And looks you in the eyes With a pleading look And questions you Without a sound. Do you for once feel sad? Were you at… Continue reading Tell me

Point Blank

He pointed a gun at me And looked me in the eye His hands trembling But a strange determination  On his face I could see the hate And pain in his eyes I very well knew What had triggered  This and who was  To be blamed As I stood there In front of the barrel Very… Continue reading Point Blank

That house

Date - 27Dec 2015 11:13pm Entry 1 The weather is cold and it is a moonless night. The wind is fierce tonight and I hear a wolf howl somewhere in the distance. I am writing from the haunted house where I have been stuck for weeks now. There are no doors and I see no way… Continue reading That house

Quote Day 3

“Ignore those that make you fearful and sad, that degrade you back towards disease and death.”                                                                              … Continue reading Quote Day 3

Poetry Lord Ullin’s Daughter.

Time for some good poetry,share if you have some good selected poems of your own on the same topic. Lord Ullin's Daughter - Thomas Campbell A Chieftan to the Highlands bound, Cries, 'Boatman, do not tarry; And I'll give thee a silver pound To row us o'er the ferry.' 'Now who be ye would cross… Continue reading Poetry Lord Ullin’s Daughter.