And I changed and you changed and that is what I was told. There is no use in denying the fact that it is an absolute truth. Change is the only constant thing. You know the hardest part is not the change but accepting it. The very fact that things have changed and people have changed… Continue reading Change

Smiling more is good.

I am that type of a person who generally doesn't smile,and many people have told me so.I know this is bad and it should be changed.Even a school kid passing on the street asks me "aap haste nahi ho kya?"(You don't smile?). And I also happen to focus on negative things,which results in over thinking.I… Continue reading Smiling more is good.

Change Daily Prompt

Be the Change What change, big or small, would you like your blog to make in the world? I'll just want this world to be a better place. I have written about depression, some recommendations to reduce the incident of rapes specially in my country India . I've asked people to be kind because that's… Continue reading Change Daily Prompt

Autumn has come.

The nights will be long It will be dark a little soon The tempretures would drop People will shiver with cold The colours would change So will the hearts Leaves would drop Nights would be very dark Hearts will warm up People will get close There would be fires And cups of hot drinks Autumn… Continue reading Autumn has come.