Interiors of Maruti Suzuki Swift (click here for HQ version)

Fast- Photo post

Do back seats of cars have the ability to make you think differently? After clicking this photograph, I started wondering how fast life is going, we all are in a race. We are constantly moving, running and competing. The word purpose makes almost no sense to me now.

That makes me wonder- What is your purpose or aim in life? What are you running after and what is it that you want to achieve?

Enjoy the photograph while you ponder and wonder-


And yeah I need an answer 😉

In the car- Photo Post

I was trying out my new lens.
AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G

There is also a colored version but B&W looks better.

Jag – Photo Post


Who doesn’t love cars? This is Jaguar XJL.
I am fond of cars, so I’ll post more photographs in the future. 🙂

Journey – Photo Post


I call this one Journey.

Making a turn – Photo Post


Took this the other night. A car making a turn.
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The Abduction.

Trio no. 4
Today you can write about anything, in whatever genre or form, but your post must include a speeding car, a phone call, and a crisp, bright morning.

I find myself on a highway
It is still dark
What time is it
Sadly,I don’t have a watch

The speeding car passes me
and stops after a while
I ran towards it
Asking the driver
Where was I?

He offered me a ride
I got inside
His phone rang
And he replied
“Yes the guy is here”
And he is with me,
on my side

I am falling asleep
loosing myself to sleep
But before I sleep
I see the sun rising outside
and a crisp bright morning
fading the insides of my mind.

I don’t know what I wrote,but I didn’t stop after first two lines.