Cat Among The Pigeons

You randomly decide to catch up with a friend at a bookstore which has a cafe that is known for chai. Well, no suspense there it is called Cha Bar and the bookstore goes by the name ‘Oxford Bookstore’. This is in Connaught Place of New Delhi, India.

So, I was in the metro today with a book that I bought from the above-talked bookstore. Yes, you go to a bookstore and you have to have to buy a book. The reason I bought this was because I remember reading ‘Cat Among The Pigeons by Agatha Christie’ back in 2007 when I was in a school.

The weather was perfect, the temperature showing 16 °C, the metro coming out of the tunnel and sun shining on your back and an empty metro which means you get to sit and read in silence.  That is when I clicked this photograph.

Tell me what you guys are reading these days? And how’s the weather at your end?

WhatsApp Image 2018-01-06 at 11.30.11 PM.jpeg

Inside the lane


“Inside the lane” as I like to call this photograph. I wanted to go to a shop and one of the Dates(khujoor) vendor told me there is a shortcut from one side. I took the way and entered here, the lane that took me to a bazaar that was so crowded that you’d have to struggle to move from one shop to another.  The amazing thing here is that when you look at this photograph you see silence, peace and stillness while there is a crowd moving about just outside this gate.

Lone Man Walking


The weather surprised people in NCR(Delhi) when most of them had given up hope and were expecting the weather to get warm. This photo was taken on 22nd January 2016, and it was a cold morning with fog that settled down after 9:30

About the photograph- I took it because the road ahead looked nice and mysterious and the man walking alone ahead added a poetic touch to it.

In the bazaar

In the Bazaar.

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Ice Cream Vendor – Photo Post

Click on photo in HD.
                                                      Click on photo to view HD version.

This is one of my favorites. View it in HD.

Street at Night – Photo Post.

                                                               The empty street -B&W


                                                                    The empty street – Coloured.

Which one is better?
I’ll leave you to judge.
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P.S. This is a scheduled post.

Old- A Photo post.

Some experimenting I’ve been doing these days.My love for old things made me put this setup together.This is the coloured version and below it is the B&W. Which one do you like? Same can be seen on my 500px(or click on photo).