Hey there!

I know for a fact that people who would really visit the blog won’t remember me or my writing anymore. To be very honest, my skills of conjuring things up has declined.

I have had no motivation to do things that I once liked or loved to do but hey I am trying to sort things out. This is where I am calling out to you again. If you have been on the blog before then do say HELLO and if this is the first time then please say HELLO, because I love talking.

I am promising myself to write something at least twice a week and then increasing the frequency eventually. Do share your best post so I can get myself up to speed as well.

No kidding, I was gonna write Best and then Jafar in the end. This is because I do that with emails. Gotta draw a line now.

Good day!

Back again

Hey there!

How is life? How are you?

These are the two questions I ask almost everyone and in return, I really expect genuine answers. See, I have told this a lot of times (to myself and to a couple of people) that I am someone who likes conversations. This isn’t a new habit and I have been like this for as long as I can remember.

A few of you who have been my companions through this blog might have an idea about the kind of an individual I am or maybe not. And the only reason you are reading this post is because it is a personal blog. The whole idea of the personal blog is to post stuff that you really want to post. I will have a more serious blog made where I can post serious stuff. How does that sound to you?

When I started this, I made a promise (not really) that I will post whatever I’d want here and so far I’ve followed that. I have posted random stuff, ranging from sad poems to happy poems, photographs, short stories, random stuff I managed to think of and what not?

So, this post is simply to remind you all that I am alive. Yes, I also had received a few messages and a few appreciations (awesome right?). So, a few wonderful people asked me why J isn’t posting enough while some just wrote to tell me that my blog is nice and they liked what they read. All this got me wondering. Let it be, I do wonder a lot anyway.

Here are a few things that you should know:

  1. I haven’t read a book after January this year, bad Reader’s Block and I’m trying to overcome that. Recently picked up ‘The Ministry of Utmost Happiness’ by Arundhati Roy. Go read, ‘God of Small Things’ if you still haven’t from her.
  2. Yeah, that’s pretty much it. This isn’t a gossip. Okay?
  3. You can check my Instagram, I managed to be active there and posted some crazy stuff. (@rehmanjafar)

Now, let me ask you a question- How have you been?


Will be great to reconnect with all of you (new and the old ones). Feel free to comment or write to me at jafarrehman@hotmail.com

Until next time!

We complete 2 years

I just remembered that 2 years ago on this same date I started this blog. I wrote a post last year but that was kind of planned, unlike this one. Well, I have read great things here and talked to even more awesome people. I haven’t been really active on the blog but I try and post once in a while and as a result, I have lost many people who used to be the regular readers.

If you are still reading this post, then I’d like to connect back with you and read what you have to offer. I’d also like to meet people who are from Delhi, let me know and we can explore that thing as well. 🙂

I’d also like to thank you all for reading my posts and telling me what you think about them. It has been a great journey and will be even better. I am also thanking people who have subscribed via email and read but never comment/interact. I’d like to read your opinions as well, so leave me a comment once in a while.

Thank You 🙂

Long time

It’s been a long time and I haven’t posted anything on the blog besides a couple of photographs (well this one will have a photograph as well) and I don’t know how many readers and bloggers I’ve lost here. Gone are the days when I would post the poetry and I’d write and post fiction. Gone are the days when I would actually read other people’s blogs.

The reason I’m writing this is simple. I just had nothing to write so why not talk here, why not say what I’ve in mind, after all it’s a personal blog(perks of having a personal blog! Yeah! )

Anyway see this photograph!


It is simple and minimalistic. Damn, I need to start photograph more and keep this hobby of mine alive. 

And how have you been?  See ya until next comment or next post. Tada!

Title of the blog


This has to be the most random post on this blog. By the way I wrote this. 😀

About the title of the blog- Daily Prompt.

All About Me

Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.

Blog title, this blog was named after a long research and was selected from several other options. I wrote down several words related to crooked and amongst them this was the selected one. I had already decided that it would include the word Thought for sure.

Crooked mainly because I think a lot,I mean a lot. My thoughts range from something acceptable to what the…?
So I chose the word crooked.This was the place where I could write mostly what I wanted to and let the world read it without being judged.I have a lot to say,one day I’d write a poem and post photographs and then on some other day I would be writing a short story and then I’ll be offline for a few and on coming back you might get to read a social topic and how I want to solve a particular problem.You see it has no pattern,this blog has none of it.It means a lot to me although in the starting I often wondered if this was the right title or if it sounded right?But it has slowly become my identity and I like it.

Someone amongst you would surely wonder how in the world could a mind be crooked? But c’mon it is not actually crooked but the way it thinks and wanders to strange places makes it crooked. In the end it is the title of this blog.

Something that would be worth mentioning here is this is my 200th post on this blog and I’ve been blogging for almost 11 months(started 23 July, 2014).Never imagined I’d do good here.Thank you.
Edit,just got this notification.

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An award for very inspiring blog

This is my reply to Miss Maryam,a blogger I know through word press.I was nominated for “Very Inspiring Blogger Award“.I wonder when did I inspire someone(knowingly or otherwise),but let’s focus on things that matter,I’d like to thank her for the nomination.I having been talking and using this blog to write whatever is on my mind and I’ve been trying to do this very honestly.So far I have 90+ posts and soon the number will turn to 100 posts,and I’ve had incredible audience and support all this time.

Three things that inspire/inspired me –

  • A man working hard to earn,to feed his family inspires me.I’ll tell you why-because what matters to him the most is his family and his will to survive,he works hard and that’s something we all need to do.Be thankful for who we are,where we are and with what we have.
  • People who help others,I need not say more but they are the heroes to me.They are an inspiration.
  • And in the end,I’d say that the bloggers here are my source of inspiration.What I read here is true,not fabricated and totally original.Here I get to read things that I might never ever read in a book,or in some article in a magazine or a newspaper.

Don’t worry with the rules(for now) because I’m not nominating anyone particular here,not any single blog.I have been reading your material for quite a long time and you all have inspired me(more or less).
The rule originally said to nominate around 15 blogs(which I failed to).
Also list three things that inspired you this week(this week was low for me,so I have listed in general whatever inspires me).

I must thank the one who nominated me again,you can check their blog by following the link below.

Sorry for breaking the rules and thank you for reading.Thank you for being so amazing.