House Sparrow

My new telephoto lens had been in the camera bag for a while. I was almost thinking that buying that wasn’t a good decision and the investment wasn’t wise. So, today when I woke up I saw that the weather was nice and the birds usually came to the balcony to eat/take the grains of rice. I grabbed my camera and got on the floor, half on the balcony and half inside and aimed my camera at these little birds. Over 50 photographs and I get a few good ones. I am sharing them here with you all. 🙂



No face!- Photo Post

I am trying something different now. I am going to take photographs of life forms but without their faces or eyes and these two photographs came out pretty nice. The lens used here is Tamron 70-300mm mounted on Nikon D3200.

Caught this one mid-flight!
They aren’t sleeping but scratching their Butts? I don’t know! Just a little itchy maybe? 😉

I upload HD versions of all the photographs on 500px. You can even buy them there! Help me keep this passion alive!

Haiku #12

I woke up early
Heard birds chirping
How beautiful nature is