Life? Railway tracks?

Well, today I want to pick out the finest threads from this thing called life and arrange them in a manner that would make sense for me. You see how they arrange the railway tracks? Always proper and at calculated distances, because if they failed to do so then you know it would wreck havoc. A lot of lives that could potentially be lost, a lot of people who might be on their beds for the rest of their lives and so on. Human tragedy has no real limitations I guess. You see people getting killed in freak accidents then you see some getting shot/stabbed and then some die because of natural causes. Causes like their heart failing to pump blood or their kidneys failing to purify and do its job, such small things.

Recently, a colleague of mine passed away in a road accident and I am not kidding you that a few days prior to that I was looking to volunteer for the same cause. I think my feeble attempt might help save a life directly or indirectly. Burrr wait what am I even talking about? I started with something then went on to something and then here? Talk about being random.

The reason I am utilizing this platform is that I really need a source to channelize my thoughts like I’ve done in the past. And the grim reality of life is that you will find yourself alone at times. No, people will not always move away but you’ll push them too and the worst thing is that you’ll not know until it is too late or maybe I am wrong.

I have been questioning a lot of things lately but let’s talk about that on a different post some other day. Until then, let this blog be a small window in my life and into the weird thought process I have. I shall keep trying to make my position in this world or I’d just stand out! Whatever works!

See you, folks!

Lone Man Walking


The weather surprised people in NCR(Delhi) when most of them had given up hope and were expecting the weather to get warm. This photo was taken on 22nd January 2016, and it was a cold morning with fog that settled down after 9:30

About the photograph- I took it because the road ahead looked nice and mysterious and the man walking alone ahead added a poetic touch to it.


When loneliness eats you alive
and you turn to face nobody
and the sad reality
again triumphs
and you try fight it
But you know it well
My friend you’ll only find yourself there
Alone and in need of help.

The Second Chance -Short Story


   Straight from the diary(may have mistakes and errors,ignore them)He was gasping for breath as he opened his eyes.He couldn’t recall what had happened and how did he end up under this big leafless tree.There was nothing that would help him identify the place or tell him what time it was.It was just plain dark and there was no sound,not a whisper.He lay down on the grass again,feeling better for now he was breathing normally,but his head was throbbing and there was confusion in his mind.He tried recalling what had happened but harder he tried,the more  blank responses he got.
He got up and realized his body was sore,like he had been working out for a long time but he didn’t remember doing anything,everything was blank.His eyes were watering but he could see better now.Suddenly he heard a faint sound of footsteps,but it soon was clear that someone was coming.He frantically looked around in all the four directions but there wasn’t anyone.Meanwhile the sound of the footsteps was becoming more and more clear and it was evident that whoever was coming would soon reach him.
He could feel his heart beating faster and once again he was gasping for breath,he was having a panic attack.The footsteps now were near but there wasn’t anyone near him and all of a sudden the sound stopped and everything fell silent all over again.The only sound he could hear was the sound of his heart beating rapidly and the sound he made while drawing large breath.

I wrote only this much.How was it?
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Thank You.