I am no Puneet

There is a guy named Puneet out there who looks like me. How do I know about that? Well, let me tell you a story.

I entered this metro and stood to one side knowing very well that it will get crowded soon. After five minutes I realize that this guy sitting on a seat is staring at me, I look at him and he hesitates and then looks away. Then I notice him looking at me again, he is looking at me in the manner of enquiry and I realize that. So I plan to ignore him and continue standing, looking around and observing people.

After a while, he points towards me and says- “Tumhara naam Puneet hai kya?” (Is your name Puneet?), I tell him no and he is like um..Okay. Believe me., he was a little disappointed but that is again life. It is full of disappointments but let’s not get into that. I turned out and laughed it was funny for me.

Well, Mr. Puneet I am not really sure if we look alike or not but that guy did confuse me with you.

Well, Mr. Puneet I am not really sure if we look alike or not but that guy did confuse me with you.
I wish you good luck and I wish that gentleman good luck and he may find you very soon.

*Raises glass* To Puneet and to me!

Bye! my friends, until next random entry here. And yep see this photograph too. 🙂


From the Book Fair


Stroke of Midnight


Where were you last night at midnight? Would you have wanted to be somewhere else?

 I could have been anywhere last night, in a different city with different people but I wasn’t. At right 12 I heard someone shouting in the street and if you read my post last night then you know who were the owners of those screams.

I wanted to be somewhere else last night. I wanted to stand on the hotel balcony or sit by the lake in Nainital but I was in my city, doing the normal things like any other day. 🙂

That is the only thing I wanted. No party and no celebration.

Welcoming 2016

People(mostly kids) shouted somewhere along the street when the clock struck 12. To me it is like any other day, me planning to go and sleep after shutting down my laptop.
But I thought I will come here and maybe write a thank you note. Or just say something and finally wish you all luck for the next year 2016.

Anyway, I just thought of something that I should do in 2016

1. Take more pictures
2. Smile more
3. Read more
4. Interact more
5. Laugh more
6. Talk more?
7. Okay seriously I am out of ideas

But being a better person is one thing I should really focus on.

I don’t make resolutions but there is no harm. You have some?

I forgot – thank you and all the luck for 2016. 😀