woh kabhi kabhi hota hai na ki sab cheeze reh   si jati hai jaise yeh train station se nikal rahi hai sab kuch peeche chodte hue andar ka mahaul kuch hai aur bahar ka kuch Agar aapne socha yeh ek poem hai toh aap shayad galat hai, yeh kuch bikhre hue khayal the mere socha… Continue reading Safar

Your kind of Monday 

Hey there, today is Monday and I'm ready to leave for work. You see Mondays are usually disliked by people around the world. This could be because the work starts again, a lot of us go back to the same old routine, that same familiar route, and the same desk. The desk where you would… Continue reading Your kind of Monday 

The farewell 

​It was late at night and the room was too humid, I thought it would be better to go out on the small balcony for a while. I went out and saw pigeons resting on the cables that went through one side to the another and then naturally I saw up and then towards the… Continue reading The farewell 

Can’t teach

I haven't written for a long time. A little note I wrote which might make sense. The key word here is might. Anyway let me know. And I hope you all have been great, let me know.

Lives at apartments

Let’s humiliate each other.

People are going to mock you and they will try to make you feel low. They will find the opportunities like a hungry lion looks for it's prey. But my friend the reality is you and I aren't perfect and we will never be. So the situation today is - Let's humiliate each other and… Continue reading Let’s humiliate each other.

We are messed up.

We are so full of emotions but we prefer acting like a**holes.We are mean and we want others to trip and fall in life. Don't we all get super happy when a little kid hugs us,don't we pretend to pick up phone when a kid hands you their toy phone.Don't you smile when you see… Continue reading We are messed up.

Life and

I walk on crowded streets Contemplating about life Reviewing my connections And friendship.

What are we?

Human life is both tragic and beautiful,it's a mixture of several things. There are good people and there are bad people,they are disguised.You fail to see who's who at times. There are people who would make you smile and you'll tell yourself yeah there are still good people left in this world,but then there are… Continue reading What are we?


I sat there Alone on the stairs Staring at the sunset At the beautiful view A sight that most didn't adore I wonder why?