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The last 50 pages A hot summer night And a thought of you. -Jafar Rehman P.S. 'You' here can be food.

The box

Before he heads to the bed He pulls out a box And pops up a pill And finally sleeps - Jafar Rehman

Lives at apartments

The man

There was a man Standing outside a shop Under the streetlight He had a cigarette in his hand Which he puffed every other second The smoke mixed well With the fog And the cold night Gave it a more mysterious feeling He didn't hurry with his cigarette It seems he enjoyed it After a while… Continue reading The man

Under the bridge

There she was standing Alone under the bridge She was crying maybe But I wasn't sure I wanted to go and Ask her if she was alright But I didn't want to scare her Because it was a dark night So I stood there for sometime, Silently observing her From a safe distance She wiped… Continue reading Under the bridge

Things of mind.

If I was to write down All I had in my mind. You'd think So differently of me And not love me or hate me Like you do now. And everything would be different You and me,both. Hello,my dear readers. There is so much to say but I lack the words. Life is one thing… Continue reading Things of mind.

The wind.

She was the wind Moved at her own will.


Just when you think You are having a hard time Life proves you wrong. And now it's a fight.

Tell me.

So tell me How does it feel To stab the one Who loved you?                         - Jafar Rehman. Posted from WordPress for Android


I stared into  His empty eyes They were trying To say something.                     - Jafar Rehman