The Forty Rules Of Love

I have finally completed this book I have been talking about( The Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak). This is an achievement for me and believe me when I tell you that this was one fine read. I started reading this book on 15 April 2015 and I took my time because I find it hard to read on mobiles/laptops (this was an eBook). But I did not stop in the middle and continued with it, read it during my recovery after surgery and read it while commuting, read it whenever I could.
Now I took more than 6 months to complete this book and I don’t regret it. I had to start over several times but I am glad I didn’t stopped reading.
Coming to the topic, this is not a review of the book because I don’t think I will be able to write one(not right after I am done reading it). But this is a post just to tell you that the book was great and I’d suggest you to read it as well. 🙂

Book – And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

Yesterday I completed this book by Agatha Christie called “And then there were none“.

I’m not going to review it but I’ll write down my personal thoughts about this novel.I liked the story,it was amazing and hard to put down without knowing and anticipating what would happen next but I was a little disappointed in the ending of the story.I expected much more. It is however an amazing book,people who like fiction,mystery,thriller,suspense would love it undoubtedly.I gave 4 stars to it on my Goodreads.

Next up on my reading list is “To kill a mockingbird by Harper Lee

Thoughts about – “Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck”

Of Mice and MenOf Mice and Men by John Steinbeck
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Amazing,I loved it.
Loved how things work between people and makes them do things they never imagined doing.
After reading some more reviews here,I am amazed that people call it crap.If you don’t like it then say it but stop labeling it as crap.To each his own.

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Books and Reading

Okay,I love reading because ummm…it usually takes my headaches and worries away.I get to see and experience things which I might never ever do in my life,it is like magic.Readers will know what I mean.
Currently I’m reading Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire which I tell you is a fantastic book and last 3 books I read were also Harry Potter(previous 3 parts).The book I keep thinking about is The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins,I read it in December but it ain’t getting out of my head.I am also reading another book along with HP and that’s The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg.

My goal for 2015 is to read 50 books,let’s see if I’ll be able to complete it or not,last goal was of 20 books and I read 23.What’s your reading goal this year?Your take on Harry Potter?
This is also worth sharing with you (20 Magical “Harry Potter” Quotes) –

The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins(Book Overview)

Started this book with great expectations and with hope of reading something amazing.I assure you that most of the expectations were met.Here is my little overview of the book from Goodreads.

the moonstone review screen

I haven’t read much classics,so bear with me if I miss a thing or two.This indeed a page turner and took me on an adventure of the gem named Moonstone,no way you could stop thinking about it and drawing out conclusions and constantly trying to solve the mystery of the gem.Ending will surprise you,I enjoyed every part of it.
The part I personally liked very much was of Ezra Jennings,though it was short but the misery of his life impacted me on great level.I loved almost all the narrations by different characters of the story and the most wisest of them all was that of Mr.Gabriel Betterredge.The book has amazing things to offer,I’d recommend it.

And if you have read this amazing book,then tell me your views too.

The Stone Monkey by Jeffery Deaver

The Stone Monkey by Jeffery Deaver
This isn’t a review but a quick follow up,purely based on personal views.I selected this book because it was in Select Editions by Reader’s Digest,although the first on the list was Step Ball Change by Jeanne Ray but I wasn’t in the mood of a romantic story so skipped to this one.

It is one of those books which sticks to the point and doesn’t go into unnecessary details(well most books don’t)but this one just keeps it pretty much accurate.Story in simple words is about a team in NYC trying to capture and arrest a Chinese human trafficker who’s coming to Long Island with a ship loaded with illegal immigrants.The story moves in a very sensible manner,focusing on the crime and also shedding good amount of light in the lives of the main characters.
There is much more than what I said,but I prefer leaving that part to the readers so they can discover on their own.The ending is great and leaves you satisfied.
A good crime mystery.Recommended to people interested in this genre (Mystery,Crime,Thriller,Suspense).

If you have read the book,then please tell me your views.

Next is – The Smoke Jumper by Nicholas Evans.

I saw Shabanu today(reading changes you).

I saw Shabanu today,Yes I did.I might seem weird for people who haven’t read the book I talk about,but those who have can relate.But I’ll make sure you can relate to what I am saying in the post.

I was in some rural area today and I saw a girl with her pets mainly goats with her and the moment I saw her I remembered the character of one of the books I had read.The book is called Shabanu: Daughter of the Wind,a Novel by Suzanne Fisher Staples.

This wasn’t my first time in rural areas but this time I actually noticed this little girl and just compared her with Shabanu and her camel Guluband.I felt good for noticing,for seeing something that I have ignored for all my life.I was also ignoring the fact that there is life beyond my imagination right here on my planet,so near to me.I was ignorant and the books one read helps lower it.

Reading does change you,make sure you read the right thing.Thumbs up to all who read.

Choosing Sides -The Great Divide.

The Great Divide

When reading for fun, do you usually choose fiction or non-fiction? Do you have an idea why you prefer one over the other?

This is one questions that never actually crossed my mind or say I was naive enough to not consider it.I read this prompt and my reaction is what do I really choose and why?
    So I head to my goodreads profile to see what I’ve been reading and the outcome is fiction,I’d choose fiction as the first choice always.Now there is no particular reason for choosing fiction over the other option,I think I’ve been doing this for a while without me knowing it.

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