Quote Day 3

“Ignore those that make you fearful and sad, that degrade you back towards disease and death.”                                                                              … Continue reading Quote Day 3

Quote Challenge Day 2

"Why do you stay in prison, when the door is so wide open?" -Rumi Next Quote Tomorrow. 🙂

Quotes #1

The other day I talked about how I haven't posted in a while and then I get asked to participate in this Quote challenge which is a brilliant way of sharing knowledge. Mira of To Wear A Rainbow selected me to do this one. Her work leaves me amazed ( every single time), you should… Continue reading Quotes #1

Achieving Happiness.

Thought I'd just share this because it makes sense,a lot of sense to me. You can't always compete and expect to be happy. So I've people around me who believe in competing too much,let me point out that the competition isn't the one that would ever be encouraged. It's kind of different, like the ones… Continue reading Achieving Happiness.