Raat ke andhere mai

Is raat ke Andhere main Aao tum kabhi Chand ki roshni Ke neeche Saath baithkar Baat karenge Chai ke piyale Ki tarah sab Bikher denge Woh chupe raaz Aur saare darr Is raat ke Andhere main Aao tum kabhi  

Woh Bachpan

woh puraani si kitaab tumhara intezaar karti hai us diary jisme tumne do saal pehle likha tha uske kaafi panne abhi bhi khali hai pukaar ti hai woh galiyaan tujhe jimne tune apni zindagi guzari woh puaarna makaaan woh chacha ki toffee ki dukaan aaj bhi wahi hai chacha ki umar hogayi hai ab lekin… Continue reading Woh Bachpan

Arse hue (Hindi Post)

Kabhi toh aao khayalo main Yahan sunsaani aksar hojati hai Kabhi toh aao aangan main hamare Yahan dhoop aksar rehti hai Na Jaane Kitne arse hue Is tamanna ko Ki aaye woh yaha Zindagi yuhi guzri chali gayi Na gayi sunsani Na hi gayi yeh dhoop yaha se -Jafar Rehman

Tell me

Tell me What happens when You stick a knife Into a man's stomach And he spurts blood From his mouth And then as life leaves him He grabs your collar And looks you in the eyes With a pleading look And questions you Without a sound. Do you for once feel sad? Were you at… Continue reading Tell me

Two People

Tell me What happens When the sun goes down And moon shines Bright in the sky And a wolf howls In the distance somewhere And a gust of wind Plays with your hair And you feel a shiver And you hear someone talking In the distance Could it be him? Finally returning After gathering some… Continue reading Two People

Final Goodbye

The way you walked away Without looking back Without a word And disappeared Around the curve I don't remember For how long I stood there With so many emotions Yet with a blank look On my face I wanted to scream In the dark and silent night Where no one would hear me Yet I… Continue reading Final Goodbye

The box

Before he heads to the bed He pulls out a box And pops up a pill And finally sleeps - Jafar Rehman

The coffee shop

When I first saw her, she was standing all alone Besides that coffee shop Had a notebook in her hand I could see Something she had written and drawn I wished she wasn't waiting for anyone If she was I wished it would be me She turned around and Started walking away from the coffee… Continue reading The coffee shop

The dance

They held hands And danced together For a long time And the moon witnessed it all.

A bench in the park – 2

Read the first part here to get a better understanding. The bench stays empty There is neither sadness nor a rose There's no one to wait No,not anymore But he did come To the park and Sat on the bench Waited for her Thinking she would come Tired and devoid of hope Away he went… Continue reading A bench in the park – 2