Let’s humiliate each other.

People are going to mock you and they will try to make you feel low. They will find the opportunities like a hungry lion looks for it's prey. But my friend the reality is you and I aren't perfect and we will never be. So the situation today is - Let's humiliate each other and… Continue reading Let’s humiliate each other.

Achieving Happiness.

Thought I'd just share this because it makes sense,a lot of sense to me. You can't always compete and expect to be happy. So I've people around me who believe in competing too much,let me point out that the competition isn't the one that would ever be encouraged. It's kind of different, like the ones… Continue reading Achieving Happiness.


No,I don't want that perfect picture and I don't want to upload it to facebook,instagram or to any social networking site.I want to travel and not check in on facebook and maybe take a million photographs just for myself because I love it,so when in future I sit with people probably strangers and there we… Continue reading Opinion