Din dhal jae

Yeh subah subah meri kamre ki khidki ke bahar ka nazara hai. Aksar ise dekh kar kuch shayari, kahani ya koi poem likhno ko jee chahta hai par afsosan yeh ho na saka. Ek reluctance sa hai kuch dino se.
Behraal ek gaana bhi yaad aata hai. Kahi door jab din dhal jaye.
Sharing the song’s YouTube version for you. Aur haan ek na ek din main zaroor is photo par koi kahani ya fhir koi poem zaroor likhunga aur umeed hai aap yaha padhne ke liye zaroor honge 🙂

Song: https://g.co/kgs/S8t9Ca

HDR -Photo Post


Posted this on instgram ,had good response so sharing with you all as well.
Isn’t nature beautiful?

Blur Photo Post

A throwaway shot, or purposefully unfocused? This week, find beauty in a blur.

Here is my entry for the photo prompt.
Clicked this today.


Photography 101 ( Natural World )

Clouds and mountains(basically nature) fascinates me.I can simply lay down on my back and watch the clouds pass away for a pretty long time,I love mountains for the same reason.This is for Photography 101 : The Natural World.I’m not sure if I am eligible to participate in it,but I still uploaded a few images.

The photographs uploaded here aren’t in high quality(I don’t have my backup at hand),if you wish to see the better quality,then click on the photo and it will take you to a website that’ll have better quality photographs.Sorry for all the troubles.

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J Photography

This website is on of the earliest ones which I used to showcase my photography work since 2007(7 years ago).I moved and started using much newer websites but worked on this one today and uploaded new photographs,changed themes and gave it a makeover.

Follow the link and see my work there.I am adding some photographs here as well.My main topics are Nature and Landscapes.You can comment,critique my work and even praise it if you think it’s good.

Online Portfoli- http://rehmanjafar.carbonmade.com/

Enjoy these 3 photographs



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