Chupke se

Chupke se aati
Hai yeh yaad teri
Bhare dine main
Kahi jheeri se
Aakar sama jaati hai

Chukpe se aati
Hai yeh yaad teri
Mez par baithe
Kaam karte waqt

Chukpe se aati
Hai yeh yaad teri
Khana khate waqt


Raat ke andhere mai

Is raat ke
Andhere main
Aao tum kabhi
Chand ki roshni
Ke neeche
Saath baithkar
Baat karenge
Chai ke piyale
Ki tarah sab
Bikher denge
Woh chupe raaz
Aur saare darr
Is raat ke
Andhere main
Aao tum kabhi


Arse hue (Hindi Post)

Kabhi toh aao khayalo main
Yahan sunsaani aksar hojati hai
Kabhi toh aao aangan main hamare
Yahan dhoop aksar rehti hai
Na Jaane Kitne arse hue
Is tamanna ko
Ki aaye woh yaha
Zindagi yuhi guzri chali gayi
Na gayi sunsani
Na hi gayi yeh dhoop yaha se

-Jafar Rehman

Last pages

The last 50 pages
A hot summer night
And a thought of you.
-Jafar Rehman


P.S. ‘You’ here can be food.

The box

Before he heads to the bed
He pulls out a box
And pops up a pill
And finally sleeps
– Jafar Rehman

The dance

They held hands
And danced together
For a long time
And the moon witnessed it all.


The bridge

So there I was
Standing under the bridge
And a million cars passed by

Hello Everyone, how are you?

I have received an award and I am soon gonna make a post. 🙂

Due to some reasons I have also been unable to read posts by other bloggers.


A bird in the cage
Dreamed to fly in the sky
Only saw clouds
And yearned.
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She would sit there
Under the moonlight
Wondering about everything
Nothing would help
And then she would
See the moon
And forget all her worries.
                                              -Jafar Rehman.

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Just when you think
You are having a hard time
Life proves you wrong.
And now it’s a fight.