Din dhal jae

Yeh subah subah meri kamre ki khidki ke bahar ka nazara hai. Aksar ise dekh kar kuch shayari, kahani ya koi poem likhno ko jee chahta hai par afsosan yeh ho na saka. Ek reluctance sa hai kuch dino se.
Behraal ek gaana bhi yaad aata hai. Kahi door jab din dhal jaye.
Sharing the song’s YouTube version for you. Aur haan ek na ek din main zaroor is photo par koi kahani ya fhir koi poem zaroor likhunga aur umeed hai aap yaha padhne ke liye zaroor honge đŸ™‚

Song: https://g.co/kgs/S8t9Ca

Hits you at the strange time

These days I’ve been looking for inspiration everywhere. I would walk to work and think and wait for some inspiration to hit me but that didn’t really happen.
So this morning I’m walking to office and as I’m about to enter the building I look up and I see this eagle circling just above the building. And that was enough to give me this idea to write something on it, wasn’t exceptional though but it counts. So, I went upstairs and took my pen and found a page and wrote whatever I had in mind. I’ll work on it and might upload it here.

What about you? Did anything similar happened to you recently or ever?

No Time to Waste.

Life is too short to waste on things that won’t really matter in the long run.This may seem like an immature advice and you might even feel weird for questioning yourself but analyze things by asking yourself- “Will this matter to me in 5 years?”
Decide and proceed according to the answer you get honestly from yourself.Going to a good school and getting good grades will surely matter but smoking 2 cigarettes isn’t gonna do you any good,it might even give you cancer,reduce your lung capacity or even things that are far worse(hint early death).People smoke because they like to,because YOLO?(lame right?),they say they want to live in the present,really?Can anyone be a bigger fool for ruining their health and body instead of respecting it?
I’ve dwelt on things and worried about things unnecessarily and it only helped me go a level down,wasted my precious time and no wonder I lost so many great opportunities.When you waste your time,your brain works accordingly,you worry about everything,think too deep,over analyze when it’s not required.I myself find hard to follow my advice,it’s easy said than done.But you gotta keep your spirits high and hope for the best,else everything collapse.

Thus,Life is too short to waste on things that won’t really matter in the long run.But hey I’m yet to see and experience things and there is a lot to learn,so yeah if you have some wisdom to give then please do.Won’t it be wonderful to learn something from someone who’s in a different city,country and who’s younger and elder from me?Everyone has to offer something even if they are unaware of it.

For Daily Prompt.

Desire to fly

[Updated on 22/May/2017]Okay,

Okay, I am not just going to talk about a bird but something more important. I mentioned earlier that I like to find out something positive and interesting out of common things (a dying habit now).So yes this is one of my post where I tell you about an encounter I had with a fledgling a while ago.There are two birds making a nest in a gap above my room and they keep coming and going and this goes on for several days and after some days the mother(I figured it out), is frantically looking for food,every time I see her she has something in her beak, either an earthworm or a little cockroach. It is now clear that she has her newborn in that nest and I being a curious one with a camera was able to take a look at them secretly. Several days later two little ones come out of their nest and they are in my home walking around, trying to fly and I just look at them and hope that they’ll probably fly away in a day or two.

On the third day one among them fly off and the other one can’t,  on a closer look I find out that its claws aren’t fully opened, a small research online tells me this might happen while the bird is in still in egg, and usually can’t be repaired. For several days I see the little bird trying hard to fly but it failed every time.The mother came every day on fixed times to feed the baby bird and the little bird tried hard to fly every day and finally after so many days it started to make some progress and it started to get to much more higher areas. But then again for several days it tried and tried and there wasn’t much progress.

The fledgling that I talk about in the post.

So, it has been a week and half and it’s still trying, this young thing doesn’t want to give up.I have lost my hope and I think it won’t fly away. But after some days and much failure it finally made it, finally flew away never to be seen again.I was proved wrong and I was glad about it.

But I wanted it to come back, I had formed a bond with it(I used to keep it inside at night and guard it from cats and monkeys), so yeah I at least wanted it to visit me.

It’s kind of amazing that something so little inspired me, that one shouldn’t give up.It had wings and it wanted to fly despite everything it never gave up and tried and failed and then tried again until it succeeded. It had a desire to fly and nothing could stop it, so why should anything stop us.

I had to share this little incident with you readers, it might inspire you to not give up.