Resolution of 2019

Wow we are in 2019 already and this is the 14th day. I thought I will check up on you guys and ask how you’ve been? Did you make some resolutions and did you stick to them?

We all know by now that resolutions don’t work or hardly work. Gym memberships go to waste, the cycle you bought gets parked and the new shoes are gonna be new for quite some time. However, if I was to talk about myself I’d say I made some small changes to my life. And they happened before the new year started and with so much of hard work and dedication and unease, I am kind of struggling right now. Change is such a hard thing but it is the only constant thing. Although Heraclitus said it in a better manner.

“The only constant in life is change”-Heraclitus

Shifting to another topic, I’ve had a few comments, messages and emails from some of you asking several things. Some were purely about why I am not posting anymore and when will post. So yeah here I am writing to you all. If you are reading this and have been to the blog earlier (works even if you haven’t) then tell me how you’ve been and feel free to share whatever you wrote recently. I’d love to read it.

Banana Guy

There is a guy who has a suitcase and a bunch of bananas in a plastic poly bag. I reckon he is traveling. My best guess would be he is going home for Raksha Bandhan, a Indian festival where sisters tie Rakhi (a thread) on their brother’s wrists. The brother in return promises to protect her.

This whole thing is a big reason for people to travel home and families to come together. Anyway, the reason I started by telling you about him was bananas and the very fact that they were still raw. It bothered me a bit.

There are others in the metro, some are engrossed in their phones like me while others are sleeping. Life can indeed be tiring in a city like Delhi. The metro keeps going through the tunnel, doors open and people come in and go out but what remains constant is the fight for the seats.

I am quite comfortable because I was able to get a seat, so I’ll try and enjoy it because my station is hardly 10 minutes away. Small pleasures of life.


I’m sorry for not replying to a few emails that were sent to me.I’ll reply to them once I’m home.


We complete 2 years

I just remembered that 2 years ago on this same date I started this blog. I wrote a post last year but that was kind of planned, unlike this one. Well, I have read great things here and talked to even more awesome people. I haven’t been really active on the blog but I try and post once in a while and as a result, I have lost many people who used to be the regular readers.

If you are still reading this post, then I’d like to connect back with you and read what you have to offer. I’d also like to meet people who are from Delhi, let me know and we can explore that thing as well. 🙂

I’d also like to thank you all for reading my posts and telling me what you think about them. It has been a great journey and will be even better. I am also thanking people who have subscribed via email and read but never comment/interact. I’d like to read your opinions as well, so leave me a comment once in a while.

Thank You 🙂

Hits you at the strange time

These days I’ve been looking for inspiration everywhere. I would walk to work and think and wait for some inspiration to hit me but that didn’t really happen.
So this morning I’m walking to office and as I’m about to enter the building I look up and I see this eagle circling just above the building. And that was enough to give me this idea to write something on it, wasn’t exceptional though but it counts. So, I went upstairs and took my pen and found a page and wrote whatever I had in mind. I’ll work on it and might upload it here.

What about you? Did anything similar happened to you recently or ever?

Thank You Readers – Achievement Unlocked

When I started blogging I had no freaking idea what I would write about.I just started it and had been delaying it since 2011(lame,right?).The stuff I wrote in my diary was nothing but a work of someone who just dreamed and never worked hard.I considered myself below average,thought too less of me.I still do that and this blog proves me wrong every time.People here are amazing and so awesome(yeah really).I have a lot of people who should be thanked.

So,this blog is not even 1 year old and I already have 400+ followers and people who I think actually read stuff I post.They compliment my poetry,photographs and hand writing.I through this blog got to know people and read what they have to offer and made some great friends as well.

The reason I’m making this post is to tell you people that this website called Baggout has put my name in their TOP 15 PERSONAL BLOGS IN INDIA. They also wrote a great description of the blog on their website.I think this is great,you know seeing your name in some list curated by someone who had users from all over India.I so far haven’t achieved much in life,so this is big for me.

I’d like to thank you for the support.Let me point out
1. I am talking to all my 409 followers on wordpress.
2. I am also talking to my silent email followers which are few but are amazing.I’d appreciate a comment from you guys      once in a while. 😀

Link to the the list –

About the title of the blog- Daily Prompt.

All About Me

Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.

Blog title, this blog was named after a long research and was selected from several other options. I wrote down several words related to crooked and amongst them this was the selected one. I had already decided that it would include the word Thought for sure.

Crooked mainly because I think a lot,I mean a lot. My thoughts range from something acceptable to what the…?
So I chose the word crooked.This was the place where I could write mostly what I wanted to and let the world read it without being judged.I have a lot to say,one day I’d write a poem and post photographs and then on some other day I would be writing a short story and then I’ll be offline for a few and on coming back you might get to read a social topic and how I want to solve a particular problem.You see it has no pattern,this blog has none of it.It means a lot to me although in the starting I often wondered if this was the right title or if it sounded right?But it has slowly become my identity and I like it.

Someone amongst you would surely wonder how in the world could a mind be crooked? But c’mon it is not actually crooked but the way it thinks and wanders to strange places makes it crooked. In the end it is the title of this blog.

Something that would be worth mentioning here is this is my 200th post on this blog and I’ve been blogging for almost 11 months(started 23 July, 2014).Never imagined I’d do good here.Thank you.
Edit,just got this notification.
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An award for very inspiring blog

This is my reply to Miss Maryam,a blogger I know through word press.I was nominated for “Very Inspiring Blogger Award“.I wonder when did I inspire someone(knowingly or otherwise),but let’s focus on things that matter,I’d like to thank her for the nomination.I having been talking and using this blog to write whatever is on my mind and I’ve been trying to do this very honestly.So far I have 90+ posts and soon the number will turn to 100 posts,and I’ve had incredible audience and support all this time.

Three things that inspire/inspired me –

  • A man working hard to earn,to feed his family inspires me.I’ll tell you why-because what matters to him the most is his family and his will to survive,he works hard and that’s something we all need to do.Be thankful for who we are,where we are and with what we have.
  • People who help others,I need not say more but they are the heroes to me.They are an inspiration.
  • And in the end,I’d say that the bloggers here are my source of inspiration.What I read here is true,not fabricated and totally original.Here I get to read things that I might never ever read in a book,or in some article in a magazine or a newspaper.

Don’t worry with the rules(for now) because I’m not nominating anyone particular here,not any single blog.I have been reading your material for quite a long time and you all have inspired me(more or less).
The rule originally said to nominate around 15 blogs(which I failed to).
Also list three things that inspired you this week(this week was low for me,so I have listed in general whatever inspires me).

I must thank the one who nominated me again,you can check their blog by following the link below.

Sorry for breaking the rules and thank you for reading.Thank you for being so amazing.

Recently Acquired

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Recently Acquired.”

What’s the most important (or interesting, or unexpected) thing about blogging you know today that you didn’t know a month ago?

Oh,wait! I knew almost nothing about blogging a month ago,I don’t know much even today,guess I am still a beginner.But there is this thing I like about blogging,no matter what you write there are always people who can relate to you and like what you write.I love how I have made some connections through blogging in such a little time.Also,write honestly,be honest to yourself and be honest to the readers is what I’ve learned(I think so).

Blogging is ummm…Yeah pretty much awesome.