The note says:

Together or Not
You’ll always
be the
Most loved!!

and it talks about me clearing my attic after 15 years and finding this page. And the fact that how I’ll remember a certain moment.

If I were to be honest with you — I’ve cleaned my drawer where these notes rest a few times this year already. What does a drowning man hold on to? While I should have picked my phone up and called but I cannot. There is no courage in me and it never got easy. I wonder about it every other day if not every day.

This time when I keep these notes back I’ll make a promise like the last time that I won’t look into it again. I won’t undo my efforts anymore but I falter and I open the drawer and I reach out to the bottom and take these out. I read them and the clock resets itself. I get back to the place where I started from. Ready to walk all over again?


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