Late night FM DJ voice

Late night FM DJ voice has a certain charm about it. Here you can listen to a radio show called ‘Neelesh Mishra Show’ or to some other channel and it is something nice that you can play in the background. Listen to it actively or don’t.

At times these shows would save me. In a city that’s always moving and people are always in rush these would give you a sense that there is some stillness. The shows would mostly be about stories sometimes fictional and sometimes real.

On English channel you’d hear the guy whose accent doesn’t sound fake and he reminds you of the commentary you’d hear on the tv in old movies.

In the wee hours of the night the traffic would be bare minimum and you’d find yourself between huge trucks that would constantly throw black smoke creating a cover. An occasional expensive car would overtake you reminding you of a chase scene but this one isn’t running from anyone. Maybe he/she is. I wouldn’t know.

You’ll find your way home and you’ll go and have a bite and sleep. Only to get up tomorrow and run again.

From the desk. Besides this a closed laptop and an unread book (not visible).

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